Unemployed... again

I got home last night from my honeymoon and, wouldn't you know it, today I got laid-off. Again. I must have done something really wrong in a previous life.

In any case, it is what it is, and all one can do is keep on keeping on. Since the serious job loss last July, both of the gigs I've had were somewhat high risk, and I knew that going in. It doesn't make it easier to start looking again. This latest notch on the resume packed quite a bit in a relatively short time. I got to architect a couple of new projects, do a bit of prototyping and create a lot of things we take for granted from scratch, like code standards, continuous integration and a serious evaluation on new technology (MVC in this case).

So as it goes, my "for hire" light is back on. If you're looking for a .NET guy who has been in it since 2001, with a great deal of media expertise acquired before that, I'm your guy. If you're not local to Northeast Ohio, telecommuting is absolutely workable, as is relocation to the Pacific Northwest or Florida. Jeff at popw dot net is where I can be found, and I appreciate the leads.


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