Street Climb


UPDATE: in case you just can't believe it, this is 100% the real deal. If you want to learn how to do this, you can find training tips here.


  • This has gotten quite a bit of publicity over the last couple of years in this country (the UK). There was an advert for the BBC which used one of these guys and more recently, there was a "documentary" of sorts called Jump London, where a group of "practitioners" did their thing over landmarks in London. Some of it as incredible. (Ok, all of it ;)

    If you can get hold of Jump London, then I highly recommend it.

  • Those guys a freaking crazy. I like the building leaps, very Matrix of them. Especially in slow motion :)

  • search for "david belle" on google. He is an insane streetclimber and he offers free vids of him.

  • jeah..woah.. i've been doing some thing like this for a long time maybe 4 years or so.. but not this hardcore..jumping from building to building..but i do this while im in the mood yesterday i went on a tour and was walking in you know hard and cold lava..and i was unstopable..i jumped aronund and flew between the trees having a great time like einstein on e pogostick..anyway i would like to learn how to do this properly and loose my sense of gravity just like theas guys..hehe..

  • Whow that is INSANE!!! and SO cool!!!

  • super heroes among men...

  • I just saw David Belle in a short but sweet vid jumping from building to building, and all around a gym. Im only 17 and fit ''not muscular'' and i hope that if i work out and start having fun with what i do i can learn to street climb as well as anyone else who tries. all i know is that street climbing seems to keep you fit, motivated, clear headed, up spirited, and heck its fun to watch and do "i assume". if anyone has any tips please tell

  • hi i saw a street climb movie and i love it !!! can u say me where i can download it ?? mail me pls



  • I wanna to learn that, but how can I start?

  • you wanna be a streetclimber??? you need big fat balls and no fear.... we met us every sunday night at 09:00 pm alexanderplace, berlin, germany....

  • how doesthat not kill thier bodies? its amazing especcially the rock climbing wall

  • hi, where kan i sinup can some one mail me the link

    do some of the "streetclimbers" train in a gym

    becouse i am sick of train stuff on graas or soming like that

  • hi i reely love street climbing and in my place its outlawed to do it i want soom training vidios contact me

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