What stops me from Implementing Visual Studio Team System

Ohad explains the reasons he isn't switching to team system.

I'll give you my reason: the price is quite simply obsurd. Maybe Microsoft talked to the Flex team about their genious "price yourself out of everyone's range" licensing scheme. Wouldn't be so bad if MSDN gave you access to team system, but no, MSDN Universal gets you a trial, and even with your MSDN discount, team system is rediculous expensive. Like I am really going to pay $11,000 on top of my MSDN to use Team System. Give me a break.

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[2] http://msdn.microsoft.com/howtobuy/vs2005/editions/team/Default.aspx


  • Exactly. Ohad's got the dough that he didn't even mention it :)

  • My search continues..

    I'm looking for someone who thinks team system is too expensive AND has some type of enterprise-wide SDLC already implemented.

    Team System is better than Rational and cheaper to buy and operate. Team system might be too expensive for you, and you might think that's unfair/sucks (I would too, seriously), but please don't say they've put it out of everyone's price range, IBMs acquisition of Rational proves you wrong.

  • Yes, there is always someone with enough cash to buy just about any piece of software, no matter how rediculously priced it is. I am talking about the average developer here, not those that work for companies with IT budgets larger than most company's yearly revenue.

  • > Team System is better than Rational and cheaper ...

    It probably will be (though let's first wait until it's been released...). However this comparison concerns Team Foundation Server, and Microsoft has addressed this to some extent by planning to offer a restricted Foundation Server with MSDN.

    But the pricing of the client s/w is absurd. Team Suite costs an additional $5000 compared with Team Developer. What do I get for the additional $5000?

    - SOA Modeling

    - Deployment Design

    - Test Case Management

    - Load Test

    - Virtual Server

    Doesn't seem like much.

    Personally I work for a MS Certified Partner and we seem to be limited to VS 2005 Professional. So we'll continue to use standalone FxCop, NUnit, and 3rd party Source Control software.

  • Taking consideration of ROI if organization can see that he will get ROI he'll invest in team system, price should be a consideration but its in lower priority then the ability to have a common system to run and manage development process in heterogenic development env. as not everyone can migrate all the development teams to jump into vs 2005 development just benefit from using team system to manage the process.

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