Dare on Joel

"...There are a couple of other drawbacks to consider that Joel doesn't mention in his post either because they haven't had time to occur yet or probably because FogCreek may be a special case due to Joel's reputation..." [1]

I know I run the risk of getting flamed by the zealots, but am I the only one that wonders why people think so highly of Joel? There are a million better software developers and managers out there. I'll give him credit for being a great writer and a pretty intelligent guy, but if his philosophies are so great, why isn't FogCreek's software better? We tried out FogBugz because of all the hype around Joel, but we ended up dumping it because it couldn't meet our needs. I bet most people can't even name any of Fog Creek software's other products, because like FogBugz, they aren't all that special either. Hell, get yourself Windows Live Writer and a free blog somewhere and you'll have a better CMS than CityDesk. If you want to spend the money on something like this, why not just get something like Contribute? You'll get million more features, a better UI, and you'll spend 1/2 the money.

[1] http://www.25hoursaday.com/weblog/PermaLink.aspx?guid=35098e1a-a07d-4894-acb9-a95391b624f8


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