Silverlight on iPhone

Jobs says Flash just doesn't cut the mustard and won't show up on the iPhone [1] [2].

Does that mean we will see Silverlight running on the iPhone first? There are some rumors... [3] [4]






  • I've been pondering this disruption in the force also today. One other tidbit: Install the Beta2 of Microsoft Expression Media. One of the options is to install Quicktime to "enable additional file formats and functionality". The "yes" option is recommended by the installer.

  • I could be wrong, but I thought that the EULA for the iPhone SDK prohibited the developer from writing what amounts to a runtime environment (this is what is keeping Java and Flash off of the iPhone currently). Wouldn't this apply to Silverlight as well?

  • I don't think EULA for the iPhone SDK is a problem. If Microsoft and Apple agree they can do whatever they want. Microsoft is Apple's shareholder after all.

    Here is the thing, Silverlight is Microsoft's ticket to make PocketPC platform as funky as IPhone. If they could port silverlight to pocketpc many developers can write jazzy apps for pocket pc.

    MS's priority will be porting Silverlight to PocketPc not Iphone.

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