Added languages to Translation Web Service

I added the following to my translation web service.  Please post feedback if you like it or are having problems with it.  The old method is now deprecated, and the new method that should be used is TranslateLanguage(LanguagePair,InputText);

The address of the ASMX file to use for the web services is:

  • TranslateLanguage
    Language translation service.
    Takes 2 inputs:
    string LanguagePair is one of the following values:
    'en|de': English to German
    'en|es': English to Spanish
    'en|fr': English to French
    'en|it': English to Italian
    'en|pt': English to Portuguese
    'de|en': German to English
    'de|fr': German to French
    'es|en': Spanish to English
    'fr|en': French to English
    'fr|de': French to German
    'it|en': Italian to English
    'pt|en': Portuguese to English
    string InputText is the text to be translated.

  • TranslateEnglishSpanish
    Deprecated method; use TranslateLanguage instead.


  • Cool, now I can understand Clemens posts in German! Good work!

  • Great work, just wanted to mention you should throw in some error checking on the string to be translated because characters like ' cause errors (it would appear you put the string directly into an sql statement.)

  • I will look into this tonight, and post a fix. Thanks for the feedback.

  • This is now fixed.

  • Hello, i have a problem when i want to translate an english statement to french or deutsch : the accentuated caracters are represented by an '?' caractere and i don't know how to bypass this problem ? If somebody can help me ?


    PS:I'am french so don't regards on my bad english...

  • Thanks for the comment; I'll look into this issue today.

  • I'm trying this ws but the output text is always blank.
    You know why?

  • im trying to translate the whole page from english to chinese. How to?

  • I'm trying to use this service with an Adobe Flex application. When I load your WSDL this is the error I see.

    RPC Fault faultString="The WSDL contains an overloaded operation (TranslateLanguage)"

    Do you have a version without overloaded methods?


  • Have you stopper the service...
    It's not showing up..

    can shoot mail me on sandeepan [dot] kundu [at] gmail[dot] com

  • Hi,
    Can any one tell me how can i use this service with classic asp.

    Or can i use it with Pzl tell me the procedure or the sampel code

  • I can't connect to your webservice. My location is Japan

  • I can't connect to your webservice. My location is India - Pune

  • We have a commercial web app with English language content, but 1000s of users worldwide. We want to enable the non-English speaking users to enter non-English search terms into our app, have our app send non-English search term(s) to your web service, and have it return us the English translation of the search term(s) to our app. Can't use google or MESH for commercial solution. Is your solution available for commercial use?

  • Your service doesn't seem to be working anymore. Has it been taken offline?

  • Unable to connect to your WS. Please see.

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