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  • Viewing Sitecore log in real time

    It's been almost a year since I've been Sitecore certified and I've learned so much by reading documentations, reviewing existing code, reading best in class blogs and gathering peers recommendations. In my initial months with Sitecore, I found out about the log viewer which basically allows us to view the current and previous logs of Sitecore. Pretty handy if you are troubleshooting some issues or using the logs to see what's happening with your application/website.  One of the drawbacks I noticed right away is I have to refresh the log every time to see the latest additions.

  • Sitecore fast query not returning items when searching for item names issue and how to fix

     I've recently hit a snag while using Sitecore's fast query. To begin with, I first noticed the issue when one of my colleagues reported that the upload application we have recently developed is not working. The upload application is supposed to add children to items that already existed. It turns out that the issue was the fast query I have written was not finding the parent item those children are supposed to be loaded under.

  • FirstOrDefault to the rescue

    I have been tinkering with LINQ for quite a bit now and I came across a trivial question about how does LINQ return an entity. I'm going to start off by sharing you a very simple example just to illustrate.  To begin, I'll create a Contact table:

  • Microsoft Event

    Today I have been to a Microsoft event. The presenter talked about ASP.Net security, Visual Studio.Net 2008 and a few tips on how to secure your web applications. One thing I like about this kind of events is there's always hidden gold that you can walk with. One that stands out is when the presenter talked about ViewStateUserKey.  To avoid malicious user from using your ViewState value for XSS kind of attacks, setting the ViewStateUserKey in the Page_Init event of the Page will alleviate this.

  • Hello and welcome!

    It's finally nice to have a blog that actually belongs to a community of my own peers. I have been blogging using Google's Blogger for some time and I haven't really updated that site that much. I have been really busy between work and my family. Microsoft has been really generous to allow community members have their own blog space and even provide the Live Writer tool to conveniently post blog entries.  This is really sweet. You can get more information about setting up the Live Writer here.