Knoppix Linux "Live CD" with Mono?

Knoppix is pretty cool - a Linux fling with no committment, runs completely off a CD (your C:\ won't suspect a thing!).

It'd be even cooler if it came with Mono, though... I'd love to see my c# code running on Linux.

Anyone know of a "Live CD" Linux distro with Mono?


  • Hi, I'm currently working on a knoppix version that includes mono. Beside the gmcs and mono class library , is there anything else you'd like to see in the cd ? And would you prefer a heavy ~700mb kde version or would you prefer a more shrinked 200mb version (with less features and without kde)?


  • I'd personally like a heavy version - if I'm going to burn a CD, it might as well be full. I think Wine's important, too, to support Windows.Forms.

    It's tough for me to answer, especially since I'm a novice at Linux. I'd want to be able to build desktop and web apps that run against the standard OSS databases (mySQL / ?).

    I'll post a question and see what other folks think.

  • It would be great to have Glade and MonoDevelop on there as well.

  • My top three apps on top of mono would be.

    1. Apache

    2. Mysql

    3. Monodoc (not really an app but helpful)

    Some sourceforge projects would be neat.

    OpenPOP.NET, OmniPortal, GameLib.NET, Simplicity

  • Great idea... a knoppix live cd with Mono incuded could be wonderful!!!

  • Yep, I agree this would be a super idea.

    I'm a .net developer and would really like to start playing with mono, straight from a CD.

  • Update for Mono 2.0? Kernel 2.6?

    Maybe also include VirtualBox, recently updated to 1.6.4?

    My LiveCD would be:

    fluxbox or twm
    VirtualBox 1.6.4
    Mono 2.0

    Should I start from Knoppix/Morphix, or Debian?
    Linux Mint, Ubuntu?

    I would prefer a small cd version. I love the Knoppix option at boot loader "toram".

    This would be great for booting from a 1GB USB, and reducing the write cycles to the device.

    I picture porting virtual hard disk images via portable hard drives and running a diskless host machine. Maybe one hard disk for swap space.


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