[util] Download Express

Download Express goes on every computer I build. It's a download manager, similar to GetRight, but cheaper. As in free.

Download managers rock - you can resume a broken downloads, and get insane download speeds. With my cable modem, I'm usually in the mid-300K's with this. When I don't use it, I'm often at half that speed. Too bad MDSN downloads go through the Visual Studio 2005 CTP release would have come down a lot faster...

Anyhow, I've been using Download Express for several months and I highly recommend it.


Screenshots: (more here)


  • HTTP, FTP, HTTPS protocol support
  • Cookies support
  • Very fast and reliable file retrieval from the Web and FTP sites
  • Maximum Internet connection bandwidth usage when loading several files parts simultaneously
  • HTTP and SOCKS Proxy support
  • Internet Explorer clicks interception
  • Check downloaded files for viruses
  • Very easy to use
  • Can operate in the background
  • The ability to resume broken downloads


  • Have you tried FlashGet (www.flashget.com)? It is similar to Download Manager. It doesn't cripple itself after the 30 day evaluation period expires.

  • No, I haven't. I may give it a shot. Download Express isn't crippleware, either. There's an advanced version, but the free version doesn't expire and works really well.

  • I use Leechget. One of the best tools I have ever used. Multithreaded downloads, with a great manager. The only restriction with the freeware version is that it is unrestricted unless you wish to download more than eight files concurrently. Very nice UI too.

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