Gmail adds POP support

Until now, you needed to use a utility like PGtGM to get POP access to GMail. Now Gmail supports POP natively:

More on how to set it up:

Via NeoWin :
In what it is billing as "e-mail portability," Google Inc. is opening access to its Gmail e-mail service from desktop clients and mobile devices. On Wednesday, the company began providing free POP3 (Post Office Protocol 3) access on Gmail accounts. The rollout is expected to reach all users over the next two weeks, said George Harik, director of Googlettes, the name of the Google group overseeing its startup services.

"This [access] is an important part of e-mail because of all the things not enabled by Web-based e-mail," Harik said. POP3 access, for example, allows users to read Gmail messages while they are offline and on mobile devices that support the standard, Harik said. POP3 is a standard protocol for receiving e-mail and communicating between an e-mail server and client. Most major e-mail clients, such as Microsoft Outlook, support the standard, as do competing Web-based e-mail services such as Yahoo Inc.'s mail.

Source: [NeoWin] Google Brings E-Mail Client Access to Gmail


  • free? i thought i read somewhere that you need to pay for it when gmail gets out of beta. or do they mean "free-while-in-the-beta-period" free?

  • The creepy argument's a bit old. It's the same argument a certain group of conspiracy theorists have wheeled out against Passport/Hotmail and Yahoo in the past. ("They'll correlate information between their services and use our private information against us!")

    Sign up with whichever provider you feel offers the best features. You'll be able to switch in 5 or 10 minutes if the provider you choose becomes "evil" as per the doomsday scenarios. I think that fact alone gives all three providers a pretty good reason not to start misbehaving.

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