TriOS - Object Oriented Operating System

Stumbled across this today - TriOS is a proposed operating system that is completely based on objects at all levels. Files, users, etc., are all objects that are persisted to disk on shutdown.

It's an extremely ambitious goal, but the ideas presented in their Technical Design Paper are pretty interesting and appear to be the product of quite a bit of thought. The Object Storing System is cool.

I've never designed or built an operating system, so I have no understanding of whether or not this is feasible. Given that major companies take years to build operating systems, I'm not betting on installing this anytime soon, but I like the concept.


  • Seems kind of like WinFS, but on an even more global scale. Interesting...

  • Isn't this what WinFS is going to do? I don't know, it seems like it, though.

  • This goes quite a bit further than WinFS. WinFS treats files as objects; it looks like TriOS plans to treat all devices, programs, windows, etc.

  • This looks really sweet. If these guys can pull it off it would be amazing. For such a long time, there really hasn't been any significant advances in OS technology. Nothing revolutionary anyway. This looks to be a big change.

    Does anyone know if they are planning a boot-from-CD OS or will it be something we have to install to a Hard Drive?

    Hang on... duh... On shut down all objects are persisted to the hard drive. I guess that answers that.

    How about this? Are they hoping this will be a personal OS or a business level OS? If they're hoping to have regular people use it, they had better plan on some sort of Windows emulation.

    I'll keep my eyes posted on this. TriOS looks like it could really be cool.

  • Thanks for mentioning our project.

    At the moment we are more planning than writing code, but we have already began coding a OS kernel and a Interpreter for our language.

    Indeed many of our ideas came from WinFS and .NET. But we plan to take that ideas further on.

    A boot cd would be possible and we can do that when we have written more code.

    It will be a desktop OS in the first place and we will see if and how we can emulate other operating systems.

    We are searching for new members at the moment and if you can program in C/C++ or asm you are welcome.

    Thomas Krause

  • Sorry, I made a mistake. I put my email address on the URL.

    My email address is, which has an IEEE CS alias named

    Good Luck

    Ge Liu

  • Object Storing System is an absolutely good idea, and many guys, including Microsoft's engineers, have made a lot of effort on this issue for so many years.

    As for this idea, the Grasshopper OS may be a good example and supports the concept of orthogonal persistence, though the OS is not at the state of the art now. However, it is very famous in this kind of systems. Strongly recommend you make a study on it.

    You ideas have many interesting issues and hope you team can make a break through. :)


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