NSurvey goes 2.0, shifts to mixed license model

NSurvey has gone 2.0 and shifted to a mixed license - free for community use, paid for commercial use. There's also a pretty good NetPolls system, and a new DotNetNuke module version has just been released (doesn't appear to be linked on Products page yet, but if you register you can download it from the forum ).
I've got mixed feelings about this - it's a great package that's obviously taken some time to build, but new licenses aren't cheap. The whole open source community development thing doesn't always seem to pan out.
Still, it's a great package and the new release adds a lot of professional features.

NSurvey V2.0 is finally available along with new licensing terms from the member section. A a FREE community license is still available for small to mid size surveys.

Regarding features V2.0 provides with a new level of professional features like a new reporting engine, most part of the core have been rewritten and a full active directory support is now part of the tool.

DotNetnuke version will be available again beg 2006 stay tuned ..

Here is the complete change list of v2.0 :

New features

  • Submit survey button gets disabled after a user clicks on it to avoid multiple submissions
  • New styles creator to create new styles template online and visually without vs.net or webmatrix
  • You can now create groups to manage users, roles and survey access
  •  Roles's rights are now inclusive if you have a user, group with several role
  •  Full Active Directory user / group provider to integrate NSurvey in any Active directory environement
  • Active directory security addin that allows to take the form only if the user is authentifed and has the rights to take it
  • Password image generator answer item, can be used to avoid automatic submissions from bots
  • Password image generator security addin
  • Progression percent can now also be shown as graphical bar
  • Messages editor allows you to edit / translate all system and control messages of the language Xml files
  • Web installer located at : "/installer/default.aspx" that allows remote installation of NSurvey's database without any external tools.
  • Specify a reporting alias that will replace original question, answer labels in exports and  results reporting. It also makes it easier to retrieve data directly from the database using third party reporting tools without having on the question, answer label which could change.
  • Country flags can be shown to the user for multi-languages selections surveys
  • Creation of messages templates for the Emailing features
  • Specify fields, answers to export
  • Token generator and security addin that let you generate or import unique tokens for survey security access
  • Tokens can be used along with the emailing tool using the [--invitationtoken-] tag instead of the standard [--invitationid-] tag
  • Ranking answer type added
  •  Constant sum answer type added
  • SurveyBox control supports languages which need to be written from the right to left
  •  Users can be allowed to change their answers after they have submitted them
  • New "key provider" model to allow external security addins to provide unique keys to the resume and change modes
  • Active directory, Email and token security addins can be used a key providers
  • Report engine has been completly rewritten
  • Reports can be cloned
  • Extended filter allows you to create a filter based on specific answer types
  • Report builder to customize reports based on report items
  • Report item addins architecture allows to easily extend or integrate any additional new item to the reporting engine
  • Included report items addins (Free text, graphical, voter and cross tab report items)
  • Show text answers grouped by answers or by voters
  • Paged text answers reports
  • Ability to show publicly specific reports at the end of the survey
  •  Report can be shown in print mode
  • Branching, skip logic and conditional messages engine have been completly rewritten
  • More user friendly Branching, skip logic and conditional messages engine interfaces
  • Branching, skip logic and conditional messages engine support now logical branching AND / OR groups
  •  Regex can be used to validate text entries for Branching, skip logic


  • I've used it, and the limitations on the UI front does not merit a high price tag.

  • The older open-source versions of NSurvey are still available. I have taken on the role as project administrator to revive this project. Thomas has changed his commercial version name to accommodate this. A VB.NET version of NSurvey 1.6 will be release soon. Improved versions to follow as developers join this new workspace on gotdotnet.com.

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