[OT] Web 2.0 Redefinition: Dialup Access

Dialup Access (noun, circa web 1.0): "Dial-up access is an inexpensive but relatively slow form of internet access in which the client uses a modem to dial the internet service provider's node, a dialup server type such as the PPP and TCP/IP protocols to establish a modem-to-modem link, which is then routed to the internet. It is now legacy technology in the advent of widely available broadband internet access in the Western World." [en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dialup_access]


Dialup Access (noun, circa web 2.0; syn:"phone a friend"): "Dial-up is the practice of telephoning a friend while you are without without broadband internet access for information, generally consisting of queries of Google Maps, IMDB, or various movie time websites."

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