Code sharing sites - which?

Chris's post reminded me of somthing I've been pondering recently - what's the best place to share code?

I think the top three I've seen for collaborative development (whole projects) are these:
GotDotNet Workspaces - seems okay, but some folks are mentioning source control and other problems
SourceForge - lots of good stuff, nice web browsable cvs interface. lots of it is GPL'd, which can be - well, let's just say “a complication“.
VaultPub - NKOTB?

Some folks have been moving from GDN to SourceForge, others to Vault Pub.

And for posting sample code, a utility class, etc.:
Code Project
C# Corner
Weblog Article - Okay for small snippets, but can't attach a sample project

I'm interested in feature comparisons, user experiences, etc. Thoughts?


  • I don't think the fact that some of the Sourceforge projects are GPL is a complication at all in the context of your post.

    You aren't talking about using someone else's code samples in a manner violating their license, you're talking about finding a place to store and share your code, right?

    As a user (and not someone actually sharing code on the sites), I would say that I like SourceForge the best for power, GDN for looks, and CodeProject for general community service. CodeProject sends me emails constantly with new articles and code I find interesting. GDN is a pain to use sometimes, it is not very well written and is a bad example of an ASP.Net site, IMO. The close ties with MS makes this inexcusable to me. I look forward to hearing reviews of VaultPub.

  • Shannon - you're right about the GPL thing being unrelated to my post. That's been a frustration for me lately - finding libraries that are GPL'd when I'd prefer for my project not to fall under the GPL. Since about 70% of the projects on SourceForge use the GPL, though, it does seem like that's a little more of what SourceForge users would expect.

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