Dot Net Script

Just saw this on CodeProject: Dot Net Script. The innovative approach on this .NET script engine (as opposed to the others listed below) is an XML syntax to allow specifying assembly references and language.

.NET's powerful, but if I've gotta bang out a quick one off util, VBS or even BAT files seem to be much faster for me. .NET doesn't offer scripting languates. True, you can command line compile, but that works better in other peoples' demos than on my computer (opposite of "works on my machine" syndrome - I must have hardware problems).

SnippetCompiler's great for quick tests or one off utility type things. It's got a great UI with SemiIntelliSense, and I'm still convinced the MS folks bought Jeff off or he would have made a run at going head to head with VS. Still, sometimes I still yearn for a few scripts I can keep in a folder on my desktop... Also, the assembly references don't stay with the code, although I'm not sure how big a deal that is.

I've looked at Alintex Script .NET, which if a full featured product, but it looks a little more commandline-ish than I like, and it used to require a license for commercial use (although it looks like that's changed). I guess I should give it a more fair look.

And then there's NScript, another CodeProject... um.. project that I played with a while back. This one's really easy to use - you just write your code to .NCS or .NVB files and double click em. Hmmm... now I'm wondering why I've forgotten about these guys and keep dropping back to VBS or BAT files.

But I guess I also wonder why MS doesn't supply a .NET equivalent of CSCRIPT.EXE or  WSCRIPT.EXE. It's a little thing, but it'd make the move to .NET seem a lot more inevitable if the utility and managment code was in a .NET tongue.


  • So how is JScript .NET not available as a scripting language? You get several options with it, including using script like rather than object oriented code (you still have to compile), or simply compiling out your own application that runs whatever jscript you pass in using the eval statement.

  • Hello,

    I would like to double click on my C# code and run it in Windows environment. what's out there to use? where can I download it from?

  • Van Bern, NScript (referenced above) will allow you to double-click to run .NET code in Windows.

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