IE7 Standalone Launcher updated for RC1

IE7 RC1 is out, so my launcher script needed an update. You can get it here. Read the previous relase announcement here.

Note: Yousif's IE7 Standalone is a little easier to install - it automatically downloads the IE7 installation package for you. Rather than duplicate his efforts, I asked Yousif for information on what had changed with RC1 and he very graciously provided me with the complete source for his standalone, which was invaluable in releasing my RC1 version. If you like the control and transparency of bat and reg files, this should work well for you, but if you'd like an easier installation experience I recommend Yousif's IE7 Standalone. The only real difference in operation is that my registry script removes the IE version vector registry key, which lets you test IE6 and IE7 pages with conditional comments at the same time.

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