SQL Reporting Services - CSS fix for Firefox

SSRS 2005 is pretty slick, but the HTML is just terrible. Reports are displayed in an IFRAME that's deep in nested table land, and the IFRAME's height setting only works in IE. The end result is that reports don't display correctly in Firefox - the IFRAME's height defaults to a few hundred pixels, so you only see the top 2 inches of the report. However, they did the right thing by designating CSS classes for most of the important elements, so we can fix it by adding a min-height setting. I'm sure there are other issues with getting SSRS to display correctly in Firefox, and possibly other answers (let me hear them in the comments below), but this CSS fix at least lets the reports show.

Add the following to the ReportingServices.css file (by default, it's found in "C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.3\Reporting Services\ReportManager\Styles\"):

 /* Fix report IFRAME height for Firefox */

: 860px;

If you're really lazy, you can just run this batch script which will make the change for you:
::Add to C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.3\Reporting Services\ReportManager\Styles\ReportingServices.css
SET CSSFILE=%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.3\Reporting Services\ReportManager\Styles\ReportingServices.css
echo. >> "%CSSFILE%"
echo. >> "%CSSFILE%"
echo /* Fix report IFRAME height for Firefox */ >> "%CSSFILE%"
echo .DocMapAndReportFrame >> "%CSSFILE%"
echo { >> "%CSSFILE%"
echo min-height: 860px; >> "%CSSFILE%"
echo } >> "%CSSFILE%"

Notes / Disclaimers / Retractions

This just adds a min-height attribute to the class used for the IFRAME. Of course, you can set the min-height to another value if you'd like; if you make it larger than your end user's screen height they'll see a scroll bar and may go into convulsions.

This change isn't needed for IE7. One of the big changes to IE7's CSS handling is that it will stop treating height and width as min-height and min-width, but IE7 and Firefox still treat height=100% differently (at leat for IFRAMES).

Please let me know if there's a better way to fix this, more to be fixed, etc. Please also let Phil know what you'd do if you won the lottery.


This only fixes height for charts. Another common problem is width - for instance, tablular reports end up smashed horizontally. I haven't found a CSS fix for this; the best option I've found so far is to add an empty textbox that stretches the width of the report. 


  • I have a similar problem - but with the width instead of the height. I tried your fix - adding min-width - but it did not impact the output at all. This does not happen with a graph - which makes me think that a report rendered as an image would not have the problem either - but I would rather stay with HTML. Any ideas on what would fix this problem? Thanks.

  • Not having any luck with setting min-width, I found another way to make my report be the correct width for Firefox and Safari. My before-fix display was only about 1.5 in wide in Firefox and completely invisible in Safari. The report is 8.5 wide with 1 in margins.

    My fix:
    I dropped in the old transparent GIF in the header along with my heading. Then I sized the GIF to 6.5 in - the width of my report minus 1 in margins. Then - I get a properly displayed report in Firefox and Safari.

    I don't really like the fix - hopefully MS will fix this in the future.

  • I haven't found a way to fix width via CSS yet. What a mess of nested tables and iframes - yuck!

    I ended up adding a textbox to the top, underneath the title, and sized to the correct width. It seems a bit less ugly to me than the spacer gif, but it's still horrible.

  • Thanks for that tip! Works great.

  • Regarding the problem with table data, displaying the report as a subreport seems to correct the formatting problem. Thanks for figuring out the ".DocMapAndReportFrame" trick!

  • @DJ - It needs to be added to the report, not the CSS. I use a textbox instead of a transparent GIF, but either should work.

  • Not only CSS is not working... there are more to go for the Reports administration interface. Yuck, when will M$ finally test their stuff with 'major popular browsers'? I personally really hate IE due to the long going security leaks and poor performance comparing to firefox.

  • the textbox or image solution works only for the first page. Any idea of making it work for the rest of pages?

  • I found that if you place the Table inside of a rectangle it maintains the width throughout all the pages.

  • I have developed a web app accesing the Report Server using SOAP over http. I have the same problem mentioned above Firefox cannot parse the html correctly. I cannot see how changing any .CSS will help me if i am not using the report viewer, can anyone help me out with this.

  • I have developed a web application accessing the SQL Reporting Services2005 over http. I have the same problem mentioned above Firefox, that Report can be viewed using IE and not using Firefox.

    Can anyone can help me out of this!!!!!

  • few columns are merging while we deploy our reports in firefox, but it is viewable correctly in IE.

    If any one faced these kind of issue, please paste ur comment.....

  • hi, faced the same width probelms and it took me a while to figure out it was a browser issue cause i didnt doubt my firefox even one bit.
    I found if you stretch the page header title textbox to the width of the page it should sort you out.
    You could always have a blank one if you dont need a page header.
    Either way the header helps maintain the page width you require.

  • I was able to implement a hack to fix the Firefox display issue when using a matrix report. Like another hack above, I use a textbox for my hack.

    I found that when the 'CanGrow' element is set to true, the width of the textbox grows with the length of a string stretching the width the report. Although, for IE this element will expand the textbox vertically so you should place the textbox under the report to avoid any re-formatting.

    "But you still don't know the size of the report?" Well, I dynamically build a string using the expression option for the 'value' element of the textbox. I use the 'StrDup' method to duplicate the string. You use a multiplier along with the count of the elements to group to duplicate the string to the reports width.

    Example: StrDup(20*CInt(parameters!param_name.count),"_")

    "That's great, but now you have a long string at the bottom of your report." This is easy. Just set the font color to the background color of the report and voila it disappears.

    Well, this is the hack. It's not great, but it works. I hope it'll help out others until Microsoft decides to fix this issue.

    -Good Luck

  • Finally, hours and hours searching the net, i found a "fix" for the "height" attribute of the Iframe...

    In FF, Iframe's height=100% is not allowed, so adding style=min-height:xxx (in pixels) before height=100% shows a height of xxx iframe in FF. Instead, IE and Opera shows a height of 100%.

    Is not a really fix, is a patch... While awaiting for an update about this issue for FF, is just a beginning...

    I Hope FF3 will support it!

  • If you put the stretched-out text box in your report header or footer, it will fix the width for the whole report -- not just the first page. I created a report footer and set both, it's height and the textbox height, to 0.001in so it's not very noticeable. Problem solved!

  • As mentioned before if you place the textbox in report footer it will fix all the pages thanks for the help guys :).

  • Table Reports: Keep the CanGrow Property to "True" and if still the problem persists go to that particular cell which is merging and drag a rectangle over that and drag a text box with CanGrow Property set to "False" (Default).

    Matrix Reports:
    in each of the cells (Row cell / Column cell),Drag a rectangle and place a textbox over it with CanGrow Property set to "False" (Default).

    I think the Column cells will merge few times, in that case set the CanGrow to "false".
    That's it ...

    The reason for dragging rectangle is, it helps in formatting or in other words wrapping of text happens, which generally doesn't happen in firefox.

  • I drew a large rectangle behind the report, and it fixed the width problem for all pages of the report. No effect on the height problem tho.

  • If I set AsyncRendering=False for ReportViewer, is that going to help in any way?

  • the maximum allowable page height in reporting services is 4064mm. I set that as my page height and the width problem that occurs in firefox when it goes to a new page occurs now in only the most stupidly large reports

  • hmm.....totally time wastage...

  • for tabular reports placing the table in a rectangle helps in showing the reports normally as in ie6 or 7, but the alternate row colors for the first column in the report is not visible...all the other columns have alternate row colors displayed properly...any fix for this??

  • I tried to use your script but with spreadsheet files and other Google docs that I used at FF, I’m still having the same problem.

  • thanx for that fix.

  • We have been having the issue for some time as well. Since the Mozilla Firefox release, the issue seems to no longer occur.

  • Width issue still present for me in Firefox Never had height issue.

  • Looking at the generated HTML the other problem is that the column widths are not fixed. Fixing the widths makes the report print correctly on Firefox, Opera and Safari.

    Setting the table-layout:fixed and giving the table a width that is the sum of the first row e.g. adding
    .a5 {
    table-layout: fixed;
    width: 539.71mm;
    to the CSS file for:

    For Firefox, the overflow-x:hidden; needs replacing with just overflow:hidden; to fix the speed issue (but still cropping oversize content in cells as desired!).

    If anyone knows of a good way to calculate the proper width in mm easily that would be great!

  • Great solution for now, though hopefully it'll be solved in next version.

  • But how do you set the CSS when using the client ReportViewer controls when using LocalReport? What CSS file is pulled then?

  • I am using Firefox and had the same problem.
    I used rectagle to enclose table and it wored; for width.
    I had to add .DocMapAndReportFrame element to ReportingServices file for height.
    Seems ok for me but not convienced yet.
    And thanks for the tip.

  • I have used rectangle for fixing the width problem. I am just putting the my report table and set the rectange width as same as my report width. It is working fine in both IE & Firefox.

  • I have added the following settings in the
    "C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.3\Reporting Services\ReportManager\Styles\ReportingServices.css" folder

    min-height: 660px;
    min-width: 1280px;

    Now the Reports are opening fine.

  • Is there any solution for the report being truncated? I am just able to see only the first page of my report not the remaining pages..

  • Bob's solution from August 26, 2008 worked great.

  • i am gonna show this to my friend, guy

  • None of this worked for us in FF3.0.4 -- vertical height of iframe remained about two inches. Then added a couple heights to the .net page (first one fixed rendering in FF; second one fixed an IE rendering issue caused by the first one).

  • In FireFox 3 with Reporting Services 2005, the width problem seemed to be fixed with the following CSS addition to "C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.3\Reporting Services\ReportManager\Styles\ReportingServices.css"


  • I am trying to fix the issue with my Reporting Services 2005 and 2008 server. You mention you edit a .net file, can you give the location of the file and the filename! I am not yet familiar with all the files. Thanks.

  • I have Reporting Services 2005 in integrated mode with Sharepoint and using firefox 3.0.5
    none of this worked for me. any new idea ? Thanks.

  • This worked for me using firefox, anyone have a fix for Google Chrome?

  • The problem with the WIDTH of the SSRS on Firefox, Safari, Chrome an other is solve from the codebehind changing the final HTML rendered.

    It is me trick:

    Byte[] SSRSBytes = YOUR FUNCTION
    if(SSRSBytes != null && !download)
    string html = Encoding.UTF8.GetString(SSRSBytes);
    ReportArea.InnerHtml = html.Replace("100%", ReportArea.Width);

  • where do I put this code ?

  • I have Reporting Services 2005 and using firefox 3.0.6.

    vertical height of iframe remained about two inches.

    none of this worked for me. any new idea ? Thanks.

  • the min-width: did not work for me because it pushes the "View Report" button also to the end. anyway idea how to make the button stays in its place. any update from microsoft on this? please help.. most of people in my org uses firefox and now they hate the reports :(

  • I had the very same problem of columns width that was killing my patience

    I had to do this very ugly script, and also the AsyncRendering="False".

    var tr = $$('td[id$=oReportCell]').reduce().down('table').down('table').down('tr', 1);
    var widths = ['100px', '150px', '110px', '120px', '100px', '150px'];
    tr.select('td').each(function(td, index) {
    td.down('div').setStyle({ width: widths[index] });

    Note: I'm using Prototype.

    Hope this help, while you find a better approach

  • Add min-width and height to css file solve the problem when you preview reports from report manager but when i using url access I still have a problem with small iframe.
    How can I fix this ? (maybe another CSS )

  • I put this:

    min-height: 860px;
    min-width: 860px;

    at the bottom of the the file
    and it fixed my width and height problems in FireFox. I did have to do a full refresh for the css to take effect.
    Don't forget that snapshots are saved so if it doesn't work, make sure you have a new deploy and refresh.

  • Michael..
    What do you mean by full refresh? I did deploy the report again but it didnt make any difference... Do I need to restart the server?

    Please let me know

  • this is how I resolved the issue with firefox:

    Open the file:
    C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.3\Reporting Services\ReportServer\Pages\ReportViewer.aspx

    Add info to the tag style property.

    Code Snippet

  • Adding style="display:table" to the ReportViewerControl worked! Thanks all.

  • This really worked well. I also found adding a min-width attribute to be helpful. Thanks for an ingeniously simple solution to a irritating problem!

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  • i have the same problem that mention before firefox doesn't support? why? can anybody help me out?

  • For your references, I haven't fully tested this, but it works in IE 8 & the latest firefox as of today for what was originally trying to be achieved.

    min-height: 860px;
    min-width: 100%;
    position: fixed;

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