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  • XAML Emulator?

    Wouldn't an Avalon / XAML emulator be great? Kinda like the PocketPC emulator that's part of the MS Embeded Visual Toolkit. Then those of us who didn't get to PDC, don't have Longhorn, but would love to start working with XAML could at least start getting acquainted with it.

  • ASP.NET New Web Project System

    As a full time ASP.NET developer, this is one of my favorite Whidbey features: ASP.NET offers support for File System and FTP projects, and much smoother Local IIS integration. That's going to save me tons of time and aggravation.

  • Repeater ItemCommand Won't Fire without ViewState

    There's something fishy going on between Repeater ItemCommands and ViewState. I had some asp:LinkButton controls in a HeaderTemplate that just wouldn't fire... until I enabled ViewState for the Repeater control. Once I knew that it had something to do with ViewState, I was able to see that others have run into this.

  • VS Macro won't run to EOF - RegEx Find / Replace to the rescue

    I needed to generate insert scripts using values from an Excel file - one per row, hundreds of rows. I exported to CSV, opened in VS.NET, and got ready to run a macro to pop some SQL before and after each line in the CSV. I recorded my macro and went looking for the “Run to end of file” menu item... not there! The only ways to repeat a macro for each line in a file is to hit CTRL-SHIFT-P hundreds of times or to edit the Macro manually and make it loop (which for some reason runs more slowly than typing each letter in with one finger).