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  • MSDN ISV Deal - $375

    Microsoft has a developer special on their Empower Program. 5 MSDN Universal subscriptions for only $375. You'll get copies of most of their software with it. []

  • Shared Source Spelunking

    I've stumbled across Doxygen documentation on Rotor (a.k.a. SSCLI) on several searches for obscure .NET FCL methods, and it's really interesting. Sure it's different than the Windows .NET Framework redistributable, but I'd bet it's pretty close in most cases, and even if not it illustrates what's functionally going on since this is coded to the same spec. Looking at code that implements the .NET CLI classes tells me much more about them than documentation usually does.

  • Using T-SQL to generate ASP.NET code

    No rocket science here, but this query has saved me a lot of time. I've got it saved as a tql file in “Microsoft SQL Server\80\Tools\Templates\SQL Query Analyzer\” so I can hit 'Alt+F N' and pick it from the templates.

  • RunAware (Citrix) demo of FrontPage

    MS is advertising a demo of FrontPage on Slashdot banners (which seems brave, but I'd be more than a little surprised if it causes *nix zealots to dash off to Anyhow, the demo is using RunAware, and it's a pretty cool way to run a demo - you actually get to use the app without downloading anything (well, except for a java client applet which hosts a remote MetaFrame session). They've also got Visio and Project 2002 up there.

    I think it's a great way to try out software - you can use the whole, uncrippled application, and you don't have a big download or demo app to uninstall. I think they should throw VisualStudio up there as well.