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  • Windows 7 Betta

    I’ve been running Windows 7 Beta 1 for a week now and really like it. But I’d been looking at desktop for a few days before someone pointed out the little “desktop Easter egg”.

  • Time released content in ASP.NET

    While working on the PDC2008 website, we had several time-critical updates. There were some announcements that needed to go live on the website at specific times to coincide with other marketing, there were updates to the list of of software being given to attendees that needed to go live right after the keynotes in which they were announced, etc. While some of the site ran on RSS feeds, on some pages we needed the flexibility of static HTML and CSS. While there were plenty of times where I made that sort of deployment by hitting upload in Filezilla at just the right time, there were other times where that wasn’t possible.