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Cropper is my favorite screenshot application because it supports plugins. I've published a few over the years - Capture to AVI and Capture to Animated GIF. My favorite plugin is one that I didn't write - Patrick Altman's Send To Flickr plugin. Now that we've got a Cropper build that works in Vista, I set up a CodePlex project for my plugins and am releasing a few more. It looks like Patrick's gonna join me, and Brian is planning to release his Cropper Plugin documentation there as well.

In celebration of this glorious day, I'm releasing a few plugins I've been sitting on for a bit: "Send To Email" and "Countdown PNG".

Send To Email

Pretty much what you'd guess - select a portion of the screen and double click. Your default e-mail client pops up with a screenshot attached. Andrew Baker's MAPI wrapper does the heavy lifting since System.Net.Mail doesn't support sending via the default mail client.

Cropper - Send To Email

The default subject line and message body are configurable. I set them up that way partly to smoke test the new plugin options system for Brian. You'll see tokens like $COMPUTERNAME$ and $OPERATINGSYSTEM$ which I unwisely cut off in my screenshot above. You can also use any valid system environment variable (use start / run / "set" to see them), so on my system $NUMBER_OF_PROCESSORS$ would be replaced with 2. You can change the default subject line and message to anything you'd like. Well, as long as it's under 4GB, I guess. Anyhow.

Cropper - SendToEmail Options

Countdown PNG

I wrote this plugin to work around a problem several people have noticed - it's hard to set up a shot sometimes. With this plugin, you can set a time delay, then trigger the screenshot and set up your shot during the countdown. This one could be expanded using the new plugin options to allow other output formats, but it's pretty useful as it is.

Cropper - Coundown PNG

Where do I get them?

C'mon, man! The CodePlex CropperPlugins site, of course. Have you been paying attention?

What's next?

Well, I've been thinking about a "Send to OCR" which would invoke the Office OCR system if it's available. These plugins could all take more advantage of the new plugin options system. And I'm sure you've got some ideas kicking around... so join on in! Let me know if you want in on the fun, and I'll add you to the project.

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