Our Round Table Podcast gets legit - Now we're the Herding Code Podcast (herdingcode.com)

We’ve been experimenting with a weekly technology round table podcast for the past five weeks; now we have our act together to the point where we’re ready to officially launch it. We’re at HerdingCode.com, and you can subscribe to our feed at http://feeds.feedburner.com/HerdingCode on your iPod, Zune, or whatever crazy podcast client you choose.

By we, I mean:

  • K. Scott Allen (a.k.a. OdeToCode)
  • Scott Koon (a.k.a. Lazycoder)
  • Kevin Dente
  • Jon Galloway
  • Head on over and give it a listen. On the current episode, we argue discuss whether Silverlight is just another flavor of ActiveX, or if it’s here to stay.

    Herding Code 6: Silverlight - Fad Or Fab?

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