"Learning To Love HTML and CSS (for grumpy developers)" Presentation From NDC 2012

This year at NDC 2012 I gave a presentation titled Learning to love HTML and CSS (for grumpy developers).

This is a bit of a stretch - and a nice change - for me. Usually I give code / demo heavy presentations on server-side development in ASP.NET, but this was a fun opportunity for me to talk about something that's near and dear to my heart: applying the software craftsmanship aesthetic to HTML.

Summary: Remember what happened when we stopped treating Javascript as a hacky scripting language and used "the good parts?" What happens when we do the same with HTML?

I'll be speaking more on this topic in the future, so I'm happy for any feedback.

Video (Vimeo)

Slides (Slideshare)

You'll miss out on some easter eggs if you just flip through the slides here, but they'll show the general idea.


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