Silverlight Maze

This requires Silverlight 1.1 Alpha, available here. If you only have Silverlight 1.0 installed, you'll get a wacky error message (AG_E_RUNTIME_MANAGED_ACTIVATION).

Click on the maze to start, then drive the blue dot to the pink dot.Use the arrow keys to move, or the following if you'd prefer:

UP: W or 8
LEFT: A or 4
DOWN: S or 2
RIGHT: D or 6

Each time you solve a maze, you get a harder one, until they're so microscopic you run out of pixels. 


  • Hey, John, is this in popfly by chance? I wish I could see it. Today the screen is blank where the maze should be.

  • No, it's not in PopFly, it's hosted with Silverlight Streaming at

    It's working on all the computers I've tested on. Do you have Silverlight 1.1 Alpha installed?

  • @timheuer
    Yep, we love Zero Gravity. Do you know if it's original music, or a sample? My daughter loves it. Sounds like an old Squarepusher track to me.

  • Both games are very cool is there a directory of silverlight enabled content somewhere?

  • Dear Jon,

    me and my friend just started to learn silverlight programming. We are working on a pacman clone, we can move our pacman, but unfortunatelly we sticked. We can't find out how to create the maze. Could you help us?

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