Technology Round Table Podcast #4 - iPhone v2 and K. Scott Allen's report from TechEd 2008

Show #4 - Topics

  1. iPhone v2 announcments from WWDC
  2. TechEd 2008 recap by our roving reporter, K. Scott Allen


Here's our temporary podcast feed.


Download (click the play button to listen)


The Name

We're closing in on a name (and thus a domain and a website and a real podcast feed, etc.). Here's our current list, please give us your feedback or alternate suggestions.

  • BytecodePodcast
  • Four Horsemen On Software
  • Four Horsemen Podcast
  • Technology Roundtable Podcast

The Audio

Audio quality's a bit worse this week. We're working on it - it's harder than you'd think (you should have heard what the source audio files sounded like). Right now we use Skype for the call, but everyone records their own audio and I edit and clean it up. We use Call Graph as a backup in case someone's audio recording doesn't work. UPDATE: Fixed a problem with K Scott's audio. Much better now.

The Hosting

So far we've been hosting the audio on SkyDrive. We've been planning to host it ourselves, but I'm wondering if SkyDrive's hosting would be sufficient provided that we had a solid podcast RSS feed. This should only be a problem if you can't access the files for some reason - it's requiring a login, or blocked by your corporate network or something. Please let me know if you have problems with this episode so we can make an informed decision. Other alternatives we've considered are the Site5 Uberplan and Amazon S3. Got any input there?


  • The feed doesn't work in the Zune software... (Yes, I am a very happy Zune'r ;)

    I've been trying since the temp feed was made available, but the Zune software will download the MP3's.

    I'm using the latest version and manually adding the podcast. Here's the error;
    "Can retrieve episodes in this series. The RSS feed appears to be valid but no content was found" Error Code: C00D1319

    I can see the feed in IE fine... But it doesn't look like the SkyDrive RSS feed is using the enclosure tag, so the Zune software can't catch it?

    I've manually added other podcast feeds and it usually works fine (but this is the first time I've seen anyone use SkyDrive for this too).

    This is a show stopper (no pun intended) for me... :(

  • @Greg - I looked into the SkyDrive RSS - it doesn't add the MP3's as enclosures. We'll need to set one up ourselves.

  • The 100 Horsemen of the Podcalypse.

  • Thanks Jon...

    I forgot to vote on a name... hum...

    Bytecode Podcast. Pretty Java'ish?

    The Four Horsemen. meh. To much like a disaster movie, and my real/work life is disaster enough... ;)

    Technology Roundtable Podcast. Okay. Generic, parent and work safe, not tied to a specific tech, describes the intent of the podcast, has legs and is not too "cute" but kind of boring.

    The Four Amigo's? Ok, maybe a little too cute.

    Four Guys and a Podcast? I kind of like this one... :)

    Software Developers from Hell? :p

    The answer is 42?

    Shutup, we're NOT geeks!?


  • Hey, the intro music - I'm digging it. Of course liking the podcast too...

  • I vote for
    Four Horsemen Podcast

    Jon: YOU DA MAN!

  • By the way, Four Horsemen Podcast.

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