Technology Round Table Podcast - "Hello World" Edition

We're starting up a technology round table podcast. By we, I mean:

Our goal here is to provide you with some interesting discussions loosely centered around the world of development on the Microsoft platform. We've just finished our first show, and - while we're aware that it's not ready for prime-time, we're looking for some alpha testers to give it a listen and give us some feedback.

Let's start with our four known issues:

  1. It's way too long - I edited this down to one hour, but our goal is to keep these in the 1/2 hour range.
  2. Audio levels - My voice is quieter than everyone else's. Maybe that's a good thing.
  3. We're just getting used to the format - None of us has done a podcast before. I've edited out several awkward pauses and the like, but it's not at all polished just yet.
  4. No branding - We'll probably come up with some kind of catchy name, set up a website, and maybe include a 2 second musical bumper at the beginning. And maybe get a blimp and a mascot. But that's all later.

So, you're warned. Want to alpha test it and give us some feedback?

Show #1 - Topics

  1. .NET 3.5 SP1 Beta 1
  2. Entity Framework and OR/M's in general
  3. Twitter-bashing (easy, but fun!)
  4. Ninject dependency injection framework


Technology Round Table #1: .NET 3.5 SP1, Twitter, ORM's, and Ninject

Errata: I said in passing that SubSonic is under MIT license. It's not, it's under Mozilla Public License.


  • Awesome! Can't wait to listen

  • @Chad I actually did spend a few hours editing out um's, parts where two people spoke at once, and parts where we agreed we'd talked to long on a subject. The original recording was about 20 minutes longer. But, agree. Thanks for the feedback.

    Also, with regard to length - very much agree. We're going to be shooting for about 30 minutes, and I think that'll require us to focus on one main topic per week. What do you think of that format?

  • Grab The Levelator. It'll fix the vast majority of your level problems in post.

  • Is there a podcast RSS feed?

  • @Garth Thanks, giving The Levelator a try. I was planning on dusting off my copy of Sound Forge and messing with the compressors, but it sounds like The Levelator is easier and designed for podcasts.

  • Great stuff. I especially liked the part about that sweet new DI framework. What was it called again? Ninject? *grin*

    Just kidding. In all seriousness, though, great podcast. Keep them coming! Oh, and thanks for the free press. ;)

  • I liked it...

    When you guys go live with it, via RSS, etc, I'll be catching it. :)

    A couple of thoughts;

    a) Try to avoid the bitch sessions. I have enough negative in my life already. ;)
    Being "real" is prefect. I WANT to hear the real world problems you guys are facing and how you solved them. I don't really need to hear a vent session about how Company X or Tech Y bytes. But again, I would like to hear about how Company X or Tech Y could be improved. How it's been used and issues fixed or worked around... or how it just didn't work, or isn't ready and what else was used instead.

    b) Kind of same as above, but I'd really like to hear real world stories. How you guys used a given technique to solve a problem. Why you used Product Z and how it really helped you. (JUST like the Niject part) IMHO we don't need another interview cast and, based on this first alpha cast, this show will not be one (yeah!). As a developer, nose to the grindstone just trying to get my work done, products out, customers happy and users off my back, I'd really like to hear about how others are using old stuff, new stuff, etc to solve their problems. To help me avoid reinventing the tech, method, wet-ware wheel.

    c) To beat a dead horse (which always brings to mind a pretty weird image), the sooner the cast is RSS'ed the better. I love my zune (yes, zune) and listen to all my casts on it...

    d) Speaking of horses... Audio levels (nuff said).

    f) Length. 30-60 minutes.

    g) Editing. I thought the editing was fine. Yeah, there were a few pauses still there, but not to many and not really more than I hear in other casts.

    All in all I'm really looking forward to more!

    Thanks for the preview. :)

  • If you want to beat DotNetRocks...
    - make it shorter - 20 min;
    - try to stay as focused as possible, except for the some kind of resonable humor;
    - provide transcript as well;
    - do not podcast just to podcast, do it when you feel you have something to say;

  • @Greg - Thanks! I've heard the "avoid bitch sessions" feedback from others, and I'm glad we're hearing that right up front. Other input, even dead horse beatings, well received.

    @SergeyS - Thanks for the input. First two: yes, yes. I think we'll do transcripts down the line, once the shows are shorter. No goals of beating DotNetRocks, it's a different (complimentary) format.

  • Hi Jon -- just wanted to let you know that on 2 different computers, both using FF 2, when I load your main page, or this articles page with comments, it automatically redirects me to ""

    Not sure why this happens. Probably some odd configuration on my machine, but it happens on 2 different machines, and only with FF 2.

    Just thought you might want to know.

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