Chicken a la carte – What are we teaching our children?

Hi all.

I don’t usually post stuff like this in my technical blog but we could spare 6 minutes to watch this award winning short film and analyze how the world is and what are we teaching our children.

I apologize if this post is consider inappropriate for the technical flow of the site but we all live in this world and we are humans after all. Please allow yourself 6 minutes and let’s change our little part of the world.



  • You don't have to apologize for posting whatever you want on your blog. Don't let blog bullies tell you otherwise.

    Not sure I understand your title though. What does this have to do with teaching children?

  • Thanks Jeff.

    The title is about what are we teaching to our children in regards of the good and bad. Are we teaching them to waste without remorse or to thank for what we have?

    It's so we all can think about our future and to be kind to others less fortunate.

    Jose Guay

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