The ASP.NET Capsule #1: Setup SQL Server to Support Forms Authentication with the Membership Provider

Hi all.

For the first ASP.NET Capsule, I want to show you how to setup SQL Server to support forms authentication with the Membership Provider in an ASP.NET website.

So for that, the framework provides with the tool aspnet_regsql.exe that you can launch from the command line (for best results, launch the Visual Studio 2008 Command Prompt) and it will show you the following screen:


When you click next, it will ask you what do you want to do. Configure the database or remove the configuration from the database.


After selecting to Configure SQL Server for application services, we click next and it will prompt for the location of SQL Server.


Then we click next and it will show the summary of options selected in the previous screens.


And finally we click next to actually perform the setup. After a few seconds, the following screen will show up.


And that’s it, you have now a SQL Server ready to support Forms Authentication in your websites.

Hope you liked it, and as usual, all comments are welcome.


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