Video: Webcast JetBrains ReSharper en Español

Hola a todos.

El día 31 de Agosto tuvimos un webcast sobre JetBrains ReSharper. Acá está el video para quienes no pudieron asistir.

Adjunto también la presentación de PowerPoint debido a que por un problema técnico no se visualiza.

Descargar la presentación aquí y el video aquí.

Felicitaciones a Jorge Albergo Gamba Porras de Colombia por haberse sido el afortunado ganador de la licencia personal de ReSharper.



  • Just watching this cruose, there are loads of useful tips.Is there a way to get Resharper to consider more than one solution when using code cleanup? We have several projects that are shared between solutions, and when tidying it's all too easy to forget that, and remove methods that aren't really unused!

  • Hi Karl,I like TestDriven.NET and have in fact used both of them side-by-side. However, I am rather adecdtid to the visual indicators of my test results and that is a definite plus to me. TDD.NET only outputs to the VS.NET output window and you have to scroll up through the output to find out information about failing tests, etc.One definite plus to TDD.NET at this time is that it supports VSTS test fixtures, which ReSharper unfortunately does not. This is a bit of a mixed benefit, though, at least for me as I find that time the time it takes to compile and run the VSTS fixtures takes quite a bit of time, at least in comparison to NUnit fixtures. (Of course, I still need to download and give the latest version of TDD.NET a run and compare my experiences with the latest bits.)Another plus to using TDD.NET is that you get integrated support for code coverage reports and visualization through NCover. This feature alone rocks because the integration is so slick! ReSharper doesn't offer any comparable feature in this area at this time.In the end, even without the unit testing support, I'd choose to use ReSharper any day at least for it's refactoring and code gen abilities. Once you get started with it, get the keyboard shortcuts memorized, etc., you can really get into the red-green-refactor flow, and whatever tool that can do that for me without getting in my way gets a big thumbs up. If you use truly use TDD to guide your development, and let ReSharper help you to that end, you'll appreciate the productivity boost.-Paul

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