[Languages] DotLisp - A Lisp Dialect for .NET

A new interpreted Lisp variant for .NET has just crossed my radar screen:  DotLisp (see the SourceForge Page, also). This implementation does not claim compatibility with Scheme and Common Lisp.  DotLisp is *not* Common Lisp.  DotLisp is *not* Scheme.  DotLisp is a “Lisp variant.“  Note that you cannot yet compile DotLisp, it runs in an interpreter.  You can, however, embed a DotLisp interpreter object (a Dll Assembly) in your .NET programs.  Rich Hickey, the author of DotLisp, aims at “deep .Net integration, sharing type system, GC and other runtime services etc., with transparent access to .Net w/o a FFI or wrappers.“

[Note:  I originally stated that DotLisp claimed compatiblity with Scheme and Common Lisp.  The DotLisp website definitively lists such compatiblitiy under “non-objectives.”  I have corrected this error in the text above.  Thanks to Mark Hurd's Feedback for the correction.]


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