[Tools] .WhiteKnights: Get on your Whitehorse!

Microsoft places bet on Whitehorse describes Microsoft's proposed visual modeling method for .NET. Written by Martin LaMonica, a C|Net Staff Writer and published in News.com, the article reports that Whitehorse is scheduled for release with the Whidbey version of Visual Studio.NET. It appears that Whitehorse will be an advanced drag-and-drop visual modeling tool.

The QuoteOfNote: "Microsoft is eschewing UML, generally used in object-oriented tools, in favor of a proprietary approach to rapidly connect prewritten Web services.".

The propriety of proprietary must again be called into question. While I admit certain imperfections in UML, -- yea, even in UML 2 -- it is, at least, a common visual language we can all use to communicate with each other about systems in general. A lot of us have invested substantial amounts of time learning to speak this language with each other, with non-technical co-workers, and with clients. I hope Microsoft does not nefariously intend to derail what progress has been made toward a visual modeling Lingua Franca. Still, I must admit I will be excited to put Whitehorse to the test. Just imagine riding in on your Whitehorse to save the day!

Added: As the comments to this post indicate, Keith Short is one of the main Microsoft people responsible for Whitehorse. He has just started Keith Short's WebLog and I subscribed immediately. This initiative shows much promise.

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  • Thanks for the great link. I found the presentation insightful and am now even more interested to follow Whitehorse development. Keith Short suggests that Microsoft will develop a framework for creating your own Domain Specific Languages (DSL) to address concerns that may not be covered at all well by UML or other more generic modeling methods. Good stuff!

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