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I have finished 2 presentation session within 2 weeks time frame. Yes, if you have been reading my blog you will know that i presented the following session -

I have uploaded the slide decks used for both the talks in the slide share. Here is the slide share embedded here within the blog. You can always get on to the slide share and download a copy. The slides have been done using PowerPoint 2010. Slide Share would have removed all the transitions and animations when we upload. If you download the .PPTX file and have Office 2010 you will see some cool effects. If you don’t have Office 2010 you can always open in previous version but they may not be able to show all the new transitions and animations. I have also uploaded a .PPS file juts in case. The PPS is in 97-2003 format. So it does not have the transition and animations of 2010.

Go through the slides. Unfortunately i do not have the speaker notes added in the presentation. May be i will try to add and upload again. Let me know your comments on how you felt about the slides. Please leave a comment. Feedback is the only way i can better myself.

Till next time – Happy coding. Code with passion.


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