This is a follow up post to my previous blog post “BDOTNET User Group Meeting–Sep 18”.

I gave a talk on “Web Matrix” on Sep 18 as part of BDOTNET User Group meet. This time i had an audience of around 100. In this session i tried to explain the following:

  • What is Web Matrix?
  • Why Web Matrix?
  • Who is Web Matrix for?
  • Introduction to Razor

I have uploaded the slide decks used for the session at the following place. You are free to welcome and use it for your sake. But i just ask to put my name as a credit somewhere :).


Also i have embedded the presentation inline in this blog post. I have not uploaded my presentation to any third party server like Slide Share. Instead i am using SkyDrive – the online storage available from Microsoft. If you have a live id then you already have SkyDrive – a 25 GB of online storage (caveat being each file that you upload has a cap of 50MB). With the release of Office Web Apps, its very easy to share your office files on SkyDrive and then embed them using the Web Apps feature.

I have to thank 2 people at this moment. When i started working on the slide decks for the session – i did hunt for content. Microsoft has a very good content in term of text and as well as videos for Web Matrix. But i was searching for slide decks of any community members who have done any presentation on Web Matrix. That would have given me a head start to my session and i would come to know what to pack for 1 hour session. What i found was the following 2 gentlemen from the community, who had slide decks on Web Matrix. So here i thank:

Rob Chartier – Here is a short bio of him:

—Microsoft MVP for ASP.NET for 6 years

—ASP Insider for over 7 years

—VP, Engineering & Support for DotNetNuke Corp

—Contact Information

—Twitter: @robchartier

—Blog: http://weblogs.asp.net/rchartier

—Email: rob.chartier@dnncorp.com

Kris Van Der Mast – Here is a short bio of him:

—Microsoft MVP for ASP.NET

—ASP Insider

—Antwerp, Belgium

—Contact Information

—Twitter: @KvdM

—Blog:  http://blog.krisvandermast.com

—Email: info@krisvandermast.com

My slide decks were greatly influenced by these 2 gentlemen’s presentation. That gave me a idea as to what to present within 1 hour about Web Matrix.

Go through the slide deck and let me know if you have any comments.

Till next time, Happy Coding. Code with passion :)

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