Netgear wireless router problems and solution

A while back I bought a Netgear MR814 wireless router for my girlfriend's house. However, I've always had problems holding a strong wireless connection. The back of the house doesn't get a very strong signal, and my connection would frequently drop. For a while I chalked the connection losses up to poor signal strength, but recently I found the following article on Netgear's support site:

It recommends disabling 802.1x authentication in Windows XP, claiming that XP's support for 802.1x is buggy. Wherever the bugs lie, it seemed to do the trick. I can now hold a connection to the router consistently, even when the signal strength is on the low side. If you're having similar connectivity problems, give it a try.


  • I am having problems with my new MR814v1 also... It appears to drop the connection periodically (802.1 disabled - XP running... only 6 meters between laptop & MR814) I have the latest drivers... & signal strength perfect :-) I'm confused - How do I tell if it is the MR814 or my ISP (a G3 service?) (new also) I have noticed that HTTPS maybe a forerunner to problems...

    Any suggestions? (& yes, Netgear are NOT responsive!)

  • Same here. It just disconnects me from the internet, and I have to un-plug and plug-in the power cable, only for a few more minutes of connection time. Its horrible, and incredible annoying. But it's not just wireless, even wired connections get dropped.

    I have no way of getting internet to stay steady in this room because I have no phone line, so I can't leave downloads rinning all night.

    Unfortunately, this has convinced me to never purchase a Netgear router/wap ever again...

  • Ok, I have found a solution. Turn on Wireless Encryption. The problem is caused by 2.4gHz cordless phones, but if you have encryption on, the phone can't interphere.

  • I will have to try the WEP configuration. I just installed a 2.4GHz phone with built in Tele-Zapper this weekend and last night, I could not access the internet on my 2 PC's. I even tried using the laptop and I was only a foot away from the router and the signal strength was only 29%.

  • Hmm. I'm having similar problems here with a WGR614 at a friend's house. WEP is enabled here however. Will try the 802.1x authentication setting and see what happens. Also check for 2.4GHz cordless phones. Interestingly no such problems observed at my house and another that have D-Link gear. Coincidence?

  • I just bought a Netgear WGR614 the other day and have been having similar problems. I'll try disabling the 802.1x authentication and see what happens.

  • The firmware update and the 802.1x disabling didn't help. I need more suggestions.

  • I have a MR814v2 and the wireless access is totally dead. It's only two months old, and I have been using only the wired ports. Now I just got a chance to try using the wireless - and no luck. Updated firmware as suggested. My Belkin USB device shows NO other devices found - even when I'm only 6 feet from the Netgear. Borrowing a friends laptop showed that the Belkin is OK. Now I'm waiting for more feedback from Tech support.

  • I've heard back from Tech support with one more useless suggestion. But... to get a RMA I must call the tech support hotline. I spent over a half an hour with a service rep trying to get it to work. She was thorough - going through all the usual stuff -- latest firmware, SSID, cordless phone interferance, disabling security..., but she didn't seem to understand the testing that I did earlier. I used a friend's laptop (with his wireless card) and tried to connect to the netgear router - no luck. But I could connect his laptop to my belkin USB adapter via ad-hock mode. This proves the belkin works, and the netgear doesn't. The point was lost on the rep. Finally after resetting the router several times and running through all the setup again, she was convinced that the router was bad. Now I have to ship it back, and wait for a new one. There was one piece of strange advice I got from her. She recommended using channel 1,6 or 11 only - but 6 was supposed to be the best she said. She made no mention of any possible heat related problems that others have discussed.

    Hopefully the new one is good.

  • Oops - I just noticed that there are two Brians on this discussion - I'll go by 'Brian H' from now on. I posted the previous two messages with the name 'Brian'.

    I read through the previous postings, and one by RPG Donkey seems a bit peculiar:

    Posted @ 5/22/2004 7:36 AM

    Ok, I have found a solution. Turn on

    Wireless Encryption. The problem is

    caused by 2.4gHz cordless phones, but

    if you have encryption on, the phone can't


    This seems incorrect to me. Sure a 2.4 Ghz phone can interfere with wireless data communications, but I don't see how turning on encryption will help any. Better error correction would help, but encryption only helps keep your data private. (Yes - I know it's weak encryption)

  • well I have the wgt624 v2 router and it is hooked up to my computer with windows 98se and i am trying to get internet on a computer with wp pro and it is not working any help is appreciated.

  • HI, I fried my netgear wgr614 v2 flash memory. It happened after I upgraded to wgr614v2_v_2_00. The firmware I uploaded took more than 30 minutes, my pc froze, so I had to restart.

    Hard resets/revert factory settings don`t work.

    I can`t connect to router: no browser configurations, no DHCP resolution, doesn`t recognize (Win XP) IP addr manually entered, no ping replies. Router is unreachable by telnet/hyperterminal. Even if I plug the router, its not transmitting anything wirelessly. No signal whatsoever. Wired or not.

    The lights on the panel doesn`t flash or show anything out of the ordinary.

    Other than going to Best Buy, buying an identical netgear unit, do an innard swapping (since the unit MAC address and Serial No. are in the shell casing anyway), and returning the "tweaked" router the next day, I have no solutions.I found this option very tempting as a way to get back at netgear for pushing their premium support scam.

    Uh, help? Please? How do you upload firmware to a router`s memory when you can`t seem to connect to it?

  • I too had the same problems with WGR614 V4. I downgraded to firmware version 3.3.37 Dated Dec 2003. Things seemed to be OK, but then, I agsin started seeing the dropped connection - The Local line (wired line through which my PC was conneted did not light up. The router icon that flashes also did not come up.

    Finally, I ran 'ping -t' on a DOS window on my PC which is connected via the wired ethernet.

    Initially, ping was returning host unreacheable. After a few attempts, the ping was successful. I let ping run for about 15min. After that, the connection seems to be stable.

    If I experience a dropped connection, I plan to run the 'ping -t' command again.

  • Same problems with the MR814 router as mentioned here, connection is stable for about 3-20 minutes at a time then drops out on my laptop. Just the laptop. I also have a desktop connected which seems to be fine. I have no 'wired' connections, all wireless. Also, the dsktop and laptop can only see each other a few minutes after reboot. Then they become isolated, but internet remains. I have the latest firmware installed, and use WEP.

  • I have 2 issued with Netgear latest products Wxx8xx series routers. I bought several of the routers and tested it. It appeared all of them have the same issues. The problems were scheduling and number of block sites (current patch fixed it). I email them the print screens of the error messages. For the scheduling, I tried enter start blocking time 18:00 hours to 09:00 hours or 23:00 to 01:00 hours. It gave me an error message said "Invalid time input." I know some people don't use this feature but I need it to prevent some computers use the internet at the middle of the night or day. This features is very useful for parent to stop kids go to the internet. Netgear 2nd level never reply. They sell a product that never fully test it.

  • My sister had the Netgear wgr614 router. One day

  • finally decided to secure my wlan yesterday, enabled 802.1x authentication, day later (today), run into this problem. thank goodness for google and this page! taking following measures:

    - upgrading to latest firmware (netgear)
    - upgrading service packs (MS) on wireless comps.

    will let you know how this goes after i've done this.

    Netgear WGR614v5
    - WPAPSK, MAC Filtering

    Sony VAIO
    - BG2200 Wlan Chipset
    - SP1 (soon to be SP2)

    P2-300 (yup, still klunks away)
    - Netgear MA111 USB

    Confirmation that it is a problem with MS and not with the netgear router b/c I loaded live linux cd (knoppix) on my Vaio and worked beautifully.

  • Have Netgear router MR 814-2v. Two desktops one at 50 feet, other at 15 ft. Both have external antennae. Both have great results. Have HP laptop at 50 feet, tried 2 Linksys adptrs. No connection. Tried a Belkin adptr. Nothing. Moved computer to 3 feet from router. Nada. Conneted by wire. Fine.Took it to Circuit City. They got results with the Belkin(wireless). Received a new Dell laptop a few days ago. It recognized the router signal but said it couldn't connect!!! Works wired.
    At a loss. Have tried well over 20 times with each and with help. If I get a new router, will I be able to get our computers working again. I'm not really knowlegable.

  • Just discovered a real bug with NETGEAR MA111 USB wireless adapter. It quit working about a month ago. It would connect but I could not get an IP address. Quite by accident, I turned on the 'Use Windows to configure my wireless network setting' even though NETGEAR said to turn it off. Much to my surprise, I connected to the internet!!! However when I reboot, I am told by NETGEAR that I need to turn it off. If I don't, no internet connection. I turn it off, wireless adapter connects but no IP address. Turn the 'Use Windows...' back on and get connected. Has anyone hear of this? Is there a fix?

  • why is my opening page with the usernames for various people gone when the netgear wireless adapter is connected? How do i keep the usernames on the opening page?

  • Please help! Does anyone know how to disable the program Mrv.GINA.dll on the installed netgear wireless router? My welcome screen is all messed up, the usernames are gone.

  • I am having the same problem as nancy . . . the usernames are gone and I get the message that I have to uninstall Mrv.GINA.dll which looks like it has a bezillion things in it. What exactly do I do to get my usernames welcome screen back or is there no way to use it and the netgear too?


  • I have a wgr614v7 and am having the problem of the internet connection dropping out for no reason at all. I can get it to reconnect straight away and its fine for maybe up to an hour if I am lucky (usually about 15mins), then it drops the internet again. I am not even using the wireless, only 2 of the wired ports. One for my desktop pc and the other for my xbox360, the problem is the same for both. I have installed the latest firmware, played round with the mtu settings etc. and nothing seems to stop it. I think the mtu setting has effected it though. I set it to 1400 and although somethings became slow and I couldn't connect to some online games, it didn't disconnect as often. I am hating netgear and am considering replacing it with maybe a more expensive d-link router.

  • I had similar problems with connectivity and changing the user welcome screen. I upgraded from MR814 to WGR614v6 and added two pci wireless cards in remote pc's. I was able to connect via ethernet, but had many problems with the wireless cards. Tried my work laptop, and could not connect. Tried everything, including security changes, reinstalling cards, etc. Finally, I went back to the MR814 and connected right away. I do not know the answer to resolve the issue. As for the welcome screen changes, Netgear decided to overwrite the MrvGINA.dll file, which is corrupt. Just perform a Google search for MrvGINA.dll, and you will find a small *.exe file that checks and overwrites the file. After that, the welcom screen will appear normal.

  • I'm having problmes too! it wont let me choose how to logg off or one. i want the other welcome screen! HELP

  • I am using a Netgear wgr614 v2 router. It keeps dropping connection on my HP media center sp2 Laptop, but works beautifully with my mac. If the connection is dropped on the pc, the router wont work until I unplug it to restart. i have tried everything, no firewall, upgrading firmware, it sucks, please help

  • I bought a Netgear DG834G DSL wireless router and I am trying to setup it for two days! I cannot ping it and so the setup file on the CD stacks to the point where it looks for the router. But, when I reset the router and ping it right after this, it responds, few seconds later it is gone again. The IP address of the laptop is and I am wondering how it has been assigned although the router is unreachable. I connect the router to the laptop through a LAN cable.
    What can I do? Could that be a HW problem? Or a windows problem?

    Please, help!!!

  • I have problem with my netgear router.the wireless indicator light is not coming on and I cannot via the ethernet port either. trying to reset to defalt factory setting is also futile.

    Cardin K.

  • I had problems with a LinkSys router whenever I had two wireless PCs going at the same time. They appeared to interfere with each other. I figured it was a router problem. So I bought a new Netgear router. I have exactly the same problem. If only one PC is turned on, everything is fine. If two are turned on, there are problems. Anyone have a clue on this?

  • I had these connection problems for a long time, w/ Netgear WGR614v2;
    The way I fixed it was just only turnning off the WEP and use MAC filtering in the router only.
    Everything is fine now.


  • I have the wgr614 v6 and i have to also pull the power cord out and let it reset itself to get and internet connection. the wireless side of it always has a connection. Am trying to figure out how to fix it as it lasts about 15mins then i have to pull plug and start over

  • I play a game called Toontown. Some of you might play it too. But I am having a problem. After a couple of mins playing, I lose connection to the servers but my connection is excelent. Any of you have an ide about what is happening? I have a NETGEAR Rangemax (TM) Wireless router.

  • I have a strange problem with my Netgear DG834. I lost my broadband connection recently, and when I accessed the router through my web browser, the username box contained an old Hotmail address! I couldn't delete it or over-write it, and ended up having to re-boot the computer.

    Anybody got any ideas how an email address got int othe username box, and how to get rid of it?

  • a pile of w*** ! I own a psp...and i cant get on online games :(

  • For the people who cannot get the usernames back at the login screen. I uninstalled the software that came with the router, reinstalled the drivers using the appropriate drivers for OS and use windows to view my wireless connections. Hope this helps!

  • I have exactly the same issue as Dimitra V with a DG834N. The wired connection to the router is lost after a few seconds. It must have existed for the built in DHCP server to give my PC the IP it has and I can ping it for a few seconds but then the connection fails. Sometimes it will remain connected after powering the router off and on but on the next PC reboot it loses connection. I use all sorts of Netgear kit at work and have never had a bad experience until this.

  • It's working! I eventually discovered that it worked every time with wireless disabled, so I figured it must be something in one of the wireless settings. I've changed the channel from Auto to 2 and that seems to work. Though I've also moved the router location and set RIP to Both (it was set to None even though the default was supposed to be Both). The only other thing was that I realised I had a download taking place as soon as an internet connection was available. Hope this info helps someone.


  • Okay I have the netgear router WGR614v6 version. I dont know what is going on. My brother installed it for me at first and he isnt here now to fix anything.

    My problem is that the wireless icon on the router is not blinking where it should be. The computer in my room connected by wireless is turned on however, there is no connection. (A very small number of packets sent and 0 packets received) and the speed is like 6mbps when it use to be 32 or something. What do I do? (sorry for sounding like such a noobie...i really have no idea)

  • I am having an issue with my wireless router. It was working fine for the first couple months, then one day I turn on my computer and it keeps saying "Authenticating" under status, and it has wiped my ISP address to "". I've tried everything to fix it. Anyone have any advice??

  • My WGR614v6 was wonderful for 2 months with my Dell laptop running Vista Home Premium. Then I went away for a week (laptop turned off), and when I returned, the router kept dropping my Internet connection. The 'check' light would come on, and it would scan all the router ports, dropping my connection(s) [wireless or wired] in the process. I have tried everything, on my own and with NetGear support, and am now in the RMA return process. I know this was not the result of an evil MS download in my absence, since the laptop was turned off. But my modem and router were both turned on, and I wonder if either my ISP or NetGear might have pushed an 'upgrade' that is causing this. I have no problems connecting directly to the modem. Any thoughts? When the connection drops, I am often able to reconnect via the Windows utility, but only briefly. Sometimes when I do a complete modem-router-laptop reset I can keep the connection for several hours, but it will bomb out at the most inconvenient times, like when transmitting payment info on a secure web site. I tried turning off SPI, as was recommended on another forum, but this did not help, and I will not turn off WEP or WPA (was using the latter just fine; one of NetGear's recommendations was to use WEP because it's more reliable, but I think that's BS, frankly).

    I really loved this router, and am frustrated!


  • My WGR614v6 is not beimg picked up by my laptop. My laptop is finding other networks but not mine.

  • How about this! My problems seem to have all been caused by a DigiSender! My wireless router worked faultlessly at work but taking it home I had all sorts of strange issues that made no sense. I have a wireless mouse and keyboard, wireless xbox 360, cordless phone and a digisender to send Sky upstairs! I figured it must be interference, so started turning off my other wireless kit. When I turned off the Digisender the router worked fine. Turn it on and it failed again. I changed the channel on the digisender from 1 to 4 and everything is OK now!

  • all port led is ON, power led is blinking please help me .

  • All port led is ON.Power led is blinking. internet is not working. what is the problum? please help me

  • Mine worked fine for 7 months. I can connect to the divice, but the divice can't connect to the internet. Ports dont work. My internet connection is fine.


  • I have the same problems as megan
    please help

  • I hooked up an MR814v3 that my son got from his grandmother. It connects to the internet but causes it to be slow. Have disabled the wireless part and have the 2 computers wired but no different. Have also got the updated firmeware for it. Dont know if my DSL modem needs to be updated its about 5 years old. Without router connection is fine.

  • I moved and transferred my comcast cable service to another home. They gave me a new comcast cable modem. (it is smaller) Now I cannot access the internet with my laptop (wireless) anymore. I also cannot find the netgear router CD (lost in the move).

  • I am having almost EXACTLY the same problem as Jill (Sunday, July 08, 2007 7:07 PM ). My WGR614v5 was perfect with my Dell laptop running XP Pro until this past week (8/13/07). It drops my wireless signal constantly, all other computers wired are fine. I dont thnink its the router, as others are fine and I have upgraded everything fully (firmware, laptop wireless software and drivers) to try and repair. Nothing has worked, also tried every channel combo and virtually all settings I can possibly think of to resolve and nothing has worked. I suspect maybe a recent hotfix somewhere? Several other places on the internet have reported recent problems just as Jill and I in the recent month. Also frustrated...


  • I have a new Netgear wireless router which is connected to my PC via a Belkin Wireless adapter.

    Now the two can communicate to each other but I cannot connect to the internet. Is there any additional configuration that is needed on the router in order to gain access to the internet..?

  • I have a Netgear WGR614v4 and had a similar problem of connection drops and required refreshes to load pages. A simple factory reset solved all my problems... for now.

  • out netgear wireless router isn't working all of a sudden. all the lights light up except for the wireless light. power is working and it receives the signal from modem. What can we do? Internet works directly from modem to computer.

  • We are trying to set wireless on our vaio pcg-v505ap computer using netgear on windows xp. it works fine while plug with yellow cable but on wirelss seems to be so slow that it won't connec to web pages. we have been told that our speed 11 mbps is too slow and we should look into making it faster.we have also being told it might be that windows xp is blocking it and we should speak with vaio. please, help! thanks

  • My netgear wireless router isn't working after 6 months. All the lights light up except for the wireless light. Power is working and it receives the signal from modem. I have triead all fixs? Internet works directly from modem to computer. I am bringing this thing back.

  • Isn't it secured if you hide the SSDI and enable MAC filtering? From what I gather this as effective as WEP security and will allow the Belkin cards to communicate with the netgear routers

  • i am facing a problem when playing Gunbound with my friend who is using the same wireless access as mine via Netgear wireless router. What seem to be the problem is that what ever I type , the same words will appear at my friend's car... can anyone help me pls

  • well last month i bought one netgear WGR614 router but same i had problem that my wireless drop connection while working. even i was showing exilent connactivity of wireless with my laptop. even i called to my regional NETGEAR customer care and that lady she assist me on phone. i change route's settings and even i update Firmware. but nothing workout. then they replaced that router. but there were same problem. then i try to update my ADSL DM111 Modem. i update its firmware and then i fixed that problem. but i realy hard to fix this. i think you must try to update you MODEM. coz your router keep connecting with your leptop but your modem drop internet connection to router. you must try this and put 1490 MTU size in your Wireless Router. i hope it would work.

  • i have a DG834G wireless netgear router. the internet on my computer that it is fixed to works, however it fails to work elsewhere, on both other PCs and my Ps3, it all fails to work.

    help plz

  • I have a DG834G v2 aol approved router i have lost all wireless connections with this no signal or nothing i have a laptop ,computer & PS3 which all previously worked wireless but the only way i now can connect now is thru the ethernet cable. Any help please

  • Sh... i have same problem , my laptop just lost the signal and i need to connect again ;/ whats goin on? HEEEEEEELP!!

  • I have a sky netgear router that doesn't provide my home with the wireless range i need so i bought another netgear product that is suppose to be better. problem is sky says I can't use any other router. i've tried connecting the new router but it won't work so I was hoping someone knows a way around this???

  • i have a netgear router but for somereason i have no security in the the thing.. i know it was set up origionally with it but for somereason its gone. tried putting in the codes on the card but the lettersweonttype into the boxes,, only some of

  • I fixed all my conection problem on my NetGear router. I was simple. I shot it 3 time with a 9mm. Fixed it right up. Netgear products suck!

    Buy something else!!


  • please having trouble connecting my NETGEAR DG834G v4 to my ps3, it works n all and ive typed the encryption key in properly but all it says is check ur security settings for the wireless connection, so id reeli appreciate some help.

  • oh yh, i almost frgot my security is wpa-psk

  • To Niyaz,
    have you been into your routers setup page via your browser on the pc, check the back of the router itself for the address to type into the browser, if you've never been into it before the default login is Admin and password for the password (you should change the password).
    Go to the wireless section and make sure wireless is enabled firstly and make sure the "mode" is set to g & b, then try another channel too, make sure you click apply at the bottom of any page you make changes on.
    then use the logout on the left hand side.
    Best channels are 1, 6 and 11 as these don't really have any "lap overs" from other channels.
    If you still can't connect I recommend switching to using Mac Filtering only, use the "access only" option under wireless settings in router. You get your mac address in PS3 under system info. Add it manually and do same for any laptops or other pc's that connect wirelessly.
    Wep etc is you disable for mac filtering.Nobody will ever get on your connection with mac filtering set ;)

  • to liverbird

    thanx 4 the advice m8..... but still i can't
    find access only under wireless settings.
    ive got netgear dg834g v4 if that helps

  • Hi Niyaz (female here :p )
    when your looking for the "set up access list", it isn't in the column on the left, it is in one of the main windows whilst your in the wireless section.
    When you go into the set up access list you'll need to check the box that says to "enable access only" or enable access list, words to that effect.
    I actually have that same model router only mine is older, version 2, and there are differences now in version 4 so I am not certain of exactly where the option will be.
    I know it does support mac filtering for sure, so keep looking ;)
    Don't forget, encryption of data set to "disabled", your no longer accessing with a wep key!, then go set up the access list.
    Only data is not encrypted, so if your worried, do any online purchasing whilst connected with a ethernet cable.
    Mac filtering is very secure way for keeping others off your network.


  • *I should also tell you now too that once this part is done in the router, when using the PS3 to scan for your network and connect, you will need to choose, security type "none", as obviously your not using wep or other encryption.
    Don't change any values in the PS3 where you see all of the data when its tested the connection, use the save to save this connection.

  • to liverbird (male here :p)

    thank you very much for your help,
    now i can enjoy online gaming peacefully
    and now i don't have to worry about security

    niyaz (a.k.a: king nizy)

  • Your welcome, glad to have helped......nothing worse than having such an expensive peice of equipment only to find you can't get the full value from it!
    Happy gaming ... :D

    Liverbird AKA Anne r

  • Hi my netgear problems were all solved by turning off the UPnP. Hope that helps.

  • my brother has had a WGR614V7 it connect fine wired to the interent and to a cable modem however, to use it wireless it is fine without security but when security is turned on it will not allow his ps3 to connect but if you take security off it connects fine

  • When the PS3 can connect fine without security it is likely that the key or password you are entering is not being entered completely correct.
    Remember, the key digits are case sensitive, you must enter capitals where capitals are used etc.
    You could try a different encryption type, try alternative to wep.
    If you still cannot do this then try setting up mac filtering as I have outlined above.
    This is safer and best not to leave router set up with no security at all, somebody will get on to your connection like that ;)

  • that's the same problem i had but the only solution to it is to turn off all security and set-up mac filtering ::)

  • I have the same problem with a netgear DGB111G however its the Internet connection that is failed.

  • "I have the same problem with a netgear DGB111G however its the Internet connection that is failed."

    To the person who posted this, give plenty of details and I may be able to help.
    What are you trying to connect -- a pc or PS3
    What type of connection do you have? Phone line type or cable?

    Some basic checks for those who have intermittent / loss of internet:

    First always try powering down the router,--- basically turn off pc, turn off router at the wall, wait 30 seconds or so, turn router back on, wait for lights to stabilise, then turn pc back on.
    (If your connection uses a modem as well as router, turn that off too, but when powering them back up do modem first, wait about 30 seconds, then power on the router, again wait for lights, then power up the pc.)

    Check filters if using phone line type broadband.
    If your using double adapters try without - they cause terrible problems for internet.
    If you have several phones, try connecting at the master socket with one filter into which one phone, and the router, removing possible causes of other phones or wiring being at fault.

    *If the routers lights look right but you appear to have no internet connection always check your pc's connection is not being blocked by a firewall or other security type program, and that your pc is not set to "work offline."

    Liverbird (Anne R)

  • I'm having problems with my Netgear wgr614v6, I just can't get into it via net browser. It asks for my username and password, which is default admin and the password is password, it always asks my again and again and again and I can't get in ? What can I do ? Reset the device ?


  • Does anyone know how to disable the program Mrv.GINA.dll on the installed netgear wireless router? My welcome screen is all messed up, the usernames are gone.


  • Hello, Can anyone please help, I have an acer laptop and a dell desktop and I have a wireless connection. when I am talking on windows messenger, it will only let me recieve a couple of lines and then nothing, even if I still have a good connection, could it be the netgear thats causing it and what should I do. Thanks in advance. Bluebell

  • To Dede,

    Sounds like the wireless connection is not very strong and could be being dropped out,I would try a different channel, change this from within your routers setup page.
    Make sure any software firewall is not the cause, some anti virus packages have built in firewall rules (norton), maybe temporarily disable the program and check how connection is then.

    To Einar,

    Are you sure caps lock is not set on your keyboard? Are you sure somebody hasn't changed the details already? Are you sure you are typing in the correct address in the address bar of browser, they do vary slightly on some models. Check the base of the router for the address. If you bought this from new was it sealed?
    If you still cannot load access then start over, there should be a small pin hole sized button on back of router somewhere, push gently with a hairclip or something and hold for about 30 seconds, resets to factory settings.

    To Conal Tipping,

    you should be able to uninstall any software that came with your router (any cd disc that came with it) as you do not need to use it.
    Connect the router etc as normal and then access the routers set up page via the browser, all details will be on the base of the device. When you access the setup page it might even have a "wizard" on the left hand side that you can use if you have to start over.

    Some network adapters install these GINA.dll files so are you sure it is not a new adapter also made by netgear ??

    To Bluebell,

    It could be the MSN servers playing up, it could also be the version of messenger you currently have.
    Unfortunately there appear to be a lot of "problems" with the latest Windows Live Messenger and if the person you are talking with does not have the same version.
    Make sure yours is the latest, check for updates.

    In the netgear router make sure UPnP is enabled too. AND, importantly ... click to "APPLY" any changes made in the router.

  • Hi all, i am also having major issues with my Netgear WGR614v7. Im using an ibm thinkpad t41 which used to work fine (all though at times would lose wifi / internet signals and require router reset). i also have 2 ethernet cable wired connections which work ok, and one asus eee with linux connecting fine. tried EVERYTHING I can think of with my ibm, including booting from linux with which wifi worked fine. Is it a software issue with my thinkpad? if so, it's unsolvable. when turning off security, wifi works fine. im considering dumping the netgear and getting a new one finally! plz advise if u have any ideas... thanks!!!

  • You say you have tried everything ........ wireless worked fine when security was disabled??

    Have you therefore tried switching to "Mac filtering" as oppose to wep or other encryption?

    Mac Filtering does not encrypt your data however it is the most secure way of keeping anybody from connecting to your network.

    You will find the Mac Filtering in your routers setup page, you'll need to locate "Access Only" and enter all mac addresses of all pc's or other devices which are to be allowed to connect to the router wirelessly.
    Click on "Apply" to make these settings stick, log out of routers setup.

    Mac addresses of laptops are usually on the bottom of the case, or you can get any pc's mac address by going to start/run,type in the box ipconfig /all (note the space after ipconfig).


  • Also to Krewly:

    have you tried changing the channel from within the routers setup?
    This should alwyas be your first port of call for wireless connection issues.

    Channels 2, 6 or 12 are supposed to have no "overlaps", however, if lots of people in your area all had routers set to the same channel you could possibly give one another problems, knocking out each others wireless connection.

    Hope some of this helps ;)


  • I bought NetGear Wireless Router WGR614V7 and i have a problem i can't see my picture in my Friendster... some one help me!!! plz

  • Rick,

    what browser are you using?
    To rule out the problem being caused by your new router you should always try an alternative; ie; try Firefox, or Internet Explorer.

    Always search around other forums to see if other users are having the same issues, it could actually be a problem with Friendster so hang on in there before messing about with router settings.
    Check firewall and other types of security applications too for settings that can disable images.

    Hope something here helps,


  • hi having problems connecting my netgear super wireless modem router everything seems right but wont let me connect to the internet what am i doing wrong,my laptop also connects to the wireless network that has a full signal but still no internet...please help

  • John, what type of connection do you have?

    Is your setup the type where you still need to use your cable modem, and instead of the modem going into your pc, it goes instead into the router, then the router into the pc ?(use ethernet cable not usb).

    If so try this;
    turn everything off, turn power to modem on only (keep the router plug out for now), let all the lights become stable on the modem, then plug the power in for the router, let lights become stable and then power on your pc should get internet connection ok if all is set up correctly.

    If your connection is only needing the router, (no modem), then again power off the router, wait 20 to 30 seconds and power it back on .... this reboots the router and should let it re-synch your connection.

    If none of this helps you will need to give me much more information for me to be able to help further.

    ** Do try disabling firewall/security type programs in case these are the cause.


  • Installed Netgear router WGR614 - got internet great but can't get Limewire or any download programmes to open. Can anyone help without being too technical?

  • When you say these programs "won't open", what do you mean exactly?

    A downloaded program is installed, then you would use its' icon to open or launch the program.
    If they do not "open" and start up, this is nothing to do with the router.
    If they do "start" but cannot connect to the internet then a firewall is likely blocking access.

    If you are running Vista, sometimes UAC can stop programs from launching (UAC = user account control, which can be temporarily disabled in control panel/user accounts).

    You can also try right clicking on the icon to the programs and selecting "Run as Administrator" and then see do the programs open correctly.

    For Limewire sometimes you need to open Ports from within the routers setup page, accessed via your browser, scroll this page up and you'll find I have posted steps to do this for other users)

    The ports for Limewire are: 6346 - 6347

    For further help you will need to give more specific information.

  • hi, i dont necesairly have a problem with my netgear comcast router, but i just bought a second laptop and the paper i had my netkey written down on ha accidently been thrown away, would anyone be able to help me to somehow reset my netgear net key or something like that ?? thank you

  • Pat, you can access your routers setup page via your browser on your current pc and reset the key to a new one (do this while connected with a cable to the router,)

    The details to type in and login are normally on the bottom of the router itself or in the manual.
    Usually something along the lines of

    user name is admin
    password is password (unless of course these have been changed, you should change your password though! )

    Once logged in locate the "wireless" section, netgear normally have instructions in a column to the right of each section to guide you through.
    Apply/save any changes made and Log out.

    Alternatively, your router will likely have a factory restore /reset button, it is the size of a pin hole and using a hairclip or paperclip press and hold in for several seconds will restore the router back to when you first go it ...... so any settings made will be lost and you'll be back to the default login details too remember ;)

  • Abhimanyu

    First try turning off wep encryption (or what ever secuirty is setup) and just try if the internet works then.
    Then if it works reset it and carefully enter the key again, remember case sensitive!

    See how you go.

  • Hello, I just got the comcast router, I am using dsl service in costa rica. I could not set up the router. I seems to be blocked. I am not sure whether this works only in USA, or not. I already tried to reset the router, but no change. Any Idea.

  • Hi Chris ...... sorry for late reply only I don't come to this site all the time.

    How are you connected to this router?
    Use an ethernet cable and try to login into its setup page via your browser, the details should be on the base of the router or in its manual
    *(if you scroll up the page a bit you'll see steps I have given others on going into a routers setup page)

    Are you sure your internet has actually been activated?

    Check for a small pin sized hole in which you can insert a clip, press and hold to reset the router.

    Are the lights lit on the router to show an internet connection?

    You do know you cannot connect wirelessly to it until it has been set up connected by ethernet cable first.?

    Are you doing everything in the correct order to setup the router, follow any instructions to the letter.


  • Never again will I buy anything that smells, sounds, vaguely resembles Netgear. My WGR614 and the adapter I just bought set me back over 3 days just to get them to recognize each other. And to do that, I had to go into layers of buttons, specifically the firewall exceptions to allow Netgear's program in. Why do I have to do that? It should have been done automatically. What if someone doesn't know what the firewall exceptions are or where they are located? And finally when the two talked to each other, they screwed up other configurations on the operating system that required shutting off and on several times. Then it wouldn't allow me to get rid of it by its own uninstallation process or the XP's, latching on to dear life.

    There's no reason we should have to go through all of this: the ad on their box badly misreprents what it actually involves.

  • Never again will I buy anything that smells, sounds, vaguely resembles Netgear. My WGR614 and the adapter I just bought set me back over 3 days just to get them to recognize each other. And to do that, I had to go into layers of buttons, specifically the firewall exceptions to allow Netgear's program in. Why do I have to do that? It should have been done automatically. What if someone doesn't know what the firewall exceptions are or where they are located? And finally when the two talked to each other, they screwed up other configurations on the operating system that required shutting off and on several times. Then it wouldn't allow me to get rid of it by its own uninstallation process or the XP's, latching on to dear life.

    There's no reason we should have to go through all of this: the ad on their box badly misreprents what it actually involves.

  • Jill your problem sounds as though it is with the computer not the netgear adapter.

    Freezing and then problems booting up "past the compac logo" could be a driver or other hardware issue.
    Freezing in game play could point to graphics driver needing an update but could be a number of things.
    Boot into safe mode with networking and let your daughter play the game for a while (if possible) .... see if the same happens.

  • MY router keeps giving me a bogus IP....I have other pc on my network but for some reason..I keep getting a 168.200 address...any thoughts??



    # re: Netgear wireless router problems and solution@ Saturday, September 09, 2006 10:18 AM

    Stumped here: the wireless indicator light on the front display (WGR614 v7) continually blinks (steady) yet there is NO mention of this condition ANYWHERE in the manual. My laptop picks up a strong signal and recognizes the name of the router but will not connect.

    Anyone else have this problem? And, more importantly, any solutions? Thanks much!


  • My girlfriends apartment just got set up with RCN cable internet, they have a Netgear wireless router. Her roommates pc works fine with it, however she cannot maintain a steady wireless connection. It says 'good connection' but it always loses the signal then after a couple minutes finds it again. They have a password protected wireless network and she uses her laptops (Toshiba w/ winXP) built in wireless card. Im about ready to use 30 ft of network cable just to hardwire her in... any sugestions??

  • Hello I have a Belkin Router and I am trying to hook my Xbox360 up to it. I got my IP adress and my DNS code typed in but my MTU keeps failing . It says that Xbox live requires 1364 gHz or whatever. Please help me.

  • Hi, although Im not using netgear I did have similar problems with my encore router which is cheaper by the way, it drops out of connection every few minutes and reconfig doesnt really help. I've tried looking for solutions on the net but what I noticed was that this is a common problem regardless of the router brand you're using. But I did read something in one of the sites I visited that routers have a tendency to fail when it is unable to accomodate packets on the network. So i tried reducing the LAN adapter speed to 10 full duplex on all the pc's connected to the router (default is usually 100fullduplex). Am still observing if this fixes the problem but so far my connections are stable. Maybe you guys should try this and see if it helps.

  • I have a Netgear WGR614v7. Like most on this post, the router worked fine for about 7 months. Recently we started having problems with all three wireless computers in the house, Dell laptop, HP laptop & a MAC (wired PC works fine). I ran Netstumbler on my work laptop to check out the strength of the wireless signal and the continuity. In the first ten minutes of monitoring the signal dropped twice for about 2-3 seconds and came right back up. But the computers are taking several minutes to re-connect automatically. Moved the laptop I was scanning with to another room and did not get any drops in the next twenty minutes. But my family has complained of the signal dropping in the second room I was in also. I checked online and there isn't a firmware upgrade available. After reading through the posts here it looks like the only option is to return it and get a replacement. Hopefully that will last for another 6-7 months and then I can buy another brand of router. Any opinions on routers from experience? I've had Linksys before with no problems with DSL (but they were only 802.11b and, from experience installing Linksys routers on cable ISP networks they do not work well) and Belkin (will never buy one again!). How about D-Link or Buffalo?

  • I have a netgear router which I brought yesterday. it droped from a small height, now the wireless icon doesn't flash does this mean its broken or can it be a technical problem?

  • **I have a netgear router which I brought yesterday. it droped from a small height, now the wireless icon doesn't flash does this mean its broken or can it be a technical problem?


  • Hi there, I have a Dell laptop and a netgear wireless router. I also have an IBM desktop, however, I can't seem to sign in to windows live messenger from my laptop. It gives me the error code 80048820, though it works perfectly on the pc. Any ideas?? I tried every possible solution with no results whatsoever.. PLZ HELPPPPPPP!!

  • Maybe someone knows how to do this - I have four computers connected to by Netgear. One desktop is hard wired two desktops are wireless, and one laptop which is wireless. I have used the Netgear login to restrict certain sites which were being visited and it works wonderfully on all computers except the laptop.

    One the laptop, AOL is used to surf the web, and blocking that is not an option, as it blocks ALL AOL activity... is there a way to keep the AOL browser from certain sites? I could go on the laptop and block sites using Internet Options, but would rather find a way to do it from - and I don't want to block ALL adult sites - there are jew a few which were way beyond healthy curiosity :-)

  • We just bought a netgear G-router. I think I set it up correctly as it shows on the available wireless networks but when we try connecting to it (we installed passwords), it wouldnt connect! The message "acquiring network status" would prompt for like 15 minutes, then it would be disconnected/limited or no connectivity.. I dunno if we installed it wrong :(

    We can connect to it if were using internet cables, but we cannot connect thru wireless!!! Help!


  • I got a Netgear CG814WG connected wireless to a laptop Compaq/Hp... my issue is back then the wireless connection would work perfectly fine, no problems at all what so ever. But i had problems with my laptop and sent it to HP fix it. The last time it came back was working fine till I deleted NORTON....i am not sure if that was the problem, i mean cause i deleted it. But afterwards my laptop DOES pick up the signal and it doesnt drop it although just a few websites load the rest doesnt....and i dont really know what to do...i even called hp and they didnt know how to fix it.

    So if someone knows how to fix it, please, gimme a hand.

    Thank You

  • Thanks alot mate, seems to work much better now. After i got Windows Vista installed, i have had these small bugs all the time. But now it seems to work.


  • I've Netgare GD834 GT Router for my Homenetwork connecting a PC and three Laptops. I have not had problem connecting to the Internet on any of the device until last week when the kids return from the Uni. Only the PC can connect but not the Laptops. Do you know what has gone wrong?
    Thanks in anticipation

    Ted Ukaegbu

  • Netgear is horrible. Every wireless router I've bought from them fails miserably. I'm using both macs and PCs, same exact behavior - connection drops like every 10 minutes. For $100 you think these pieces of garbage would work a bit better.

  • I cannot get SSH working to connect to my Iphone

    my old Wireless router worked great (2 years old) and SSH worked great but not with my NETGEAR WPN824v3

    And my 2 iphones don't stay connected to wireless either

    4 laptops and 2 Desktops work fine

    anyone else have issues like this?

  • my wireless box is not working ive connected everything it has said to do but the wireless light will not light up , does anyone have any solutions ??


    Hello there fellas, I've been having some good experience with my WGR614v3 actualy... Just until today, atleast...

    I've been trying to connect wireless to it, tried to change protocol-type, switched channel, have WPA encryption, upgraded and downgraded firmware, and everything.

    The Router runs fine, just fine, while I keep the CPUs at home WIRED. ones I go WIRELESS the Router just like "freezes" and arent accessable until I reboot it... What can be the problem? Any programs on the new Laptop that lingers in the darkness u believe? I dont know... I can connect with some Wless Laptops it seems, but some cant... think its a Vista vs XP thing? as the WIRED ones are XP and the lappie is Vista... Hmm... Gray hair!

    Have been hammering!!!

    Please respond to me by email.. Thx!

  • Having problem with newly installed netgear wireless router WNR2000. Have a DSL line to home and running through a modem, (Actiontec Model GT701) and from there into the WNR2000. Used my home laptop with ethernet connection to install the software for the WNR2000.
    Following installation and setup, I tried wireless from another laptop I brought home from work, and successfully connected to my new router and got on to the internet. But, when I turn on the wireless switch on my home laptop (with no ethernet or usb connected) my laptop goes into a reboot, and will keep re booting as long as it's wireless is on? I turned off the Netgear router and tried again, and this time no rebooting occurred and I found about 6 other routers in the neighborhood. Obviously, my new router is triggering a reboot in my laptop, but why. And what is the solution.


  • how to disable dhcp on netgear router WGT624v4

  • Jaz ..... how to disable dhcp on netgear router WGT624v4

    Open your browser and type into the address bar eneter details for logging in (these defaults will be admin for user and password for the password) you shuld change the password!

    Go through the list to the left where you can locate "lan ip address setup" or wording similar to this, uncheck setting for DHCP, save the settings at the bottom and log out.

    *If you don't see the setting just look through each section being careful not to inadvertantly change anything with a slight scroll of the mouse by accident ;)

  • Bellmate can't respond via email as I am just a visitor to the site same as you.

    Does the laptop in question have any p2p software installed which is running from startup ?

    Have you tried without encryption just to clear this up as a cause?

    I would also have a go at mac filtering whereby the mac address of the router is entered into routers setup page to give access permission.

    Try WEP as oppose to WPA too.

  • I just purchased your netgear wireless router and adapter. We have the router on my computer which is the one that has the internet. The adapter is on my son's computer who lives next door.

    Since I have had the router on my computer, it seems to affect my home phone, wireless phone. I fade in and out like a cell phone. How can I correct this.

  • Pat hnd helpd phones work on the same frequnect as routers and I'm afraid unless you have one that has a switch on to change the frequency (on either router or the phones) then you will get interference.

    Try to locate the base for the phone away from the router and see if it helps.

    I had to switch back to using a "normal" type phone after the hand held device was causing drop outs in my internet connection.

  • My netgear will connect fine to my computer but as soon as i try to go to a website outside of google it disconnects and the wireless light on the front of the router just turns off. Any advice or reason this is happening?

  • Sometimes, it is the simplest answers that are most often the solution. I had this exact problem. My Netgear router connect fine to the Internet, would work for anywhere from five minutes to an hour, then drop the connection. When I couldn't get connected at all one day, I called ISP, went through all the settings, no luck. I pinged my it on the Router loggin page. It seemed to connect, then dropped. I pinged the IP address again, and it had changed. It turned out that my ISP provider was using a dynamic IP address and I assumed mine was a static IP address. I simply ran the setup wizard on the Router Login site, selected dynamic IP. Now, it works fine... no dropping. Apparently, the IP address would change, then return to the IP i entered. So, I'd be logged in... then when it changed IP, the connection would drop. Depending on service provider, dynamic IPs can change frequently or infrequently.

  • having problems with my wirless adapter and can't seem to even get it to work!!!

    how can i fix this??

  • my netgear wgt624v3 keeps droping out periodicly have up to 4 laptops running on router .any ideas.

  • get the rangemax mimo mate

  • My hp laptop will connect to other networks, wired or wireless no problem. But on my friends wgr614, I have to enable or disable security or i cant connect, wired or wireless. Other people come over and hook in to ethernet of wireless with ease.

    DHCP will not assign me an ip. Then I go in to the router browser, turn off wpa, and I can connect. I go in and turn on wpa again, and i still have no problems connecting. But when I come back the next day, Same thing, I can no longer connect.

    There are 3 desktops using ports, and sometimes I use the 4th port, and sometimes wireless. ISP is comcast, cable modem connected to internet port on netgear wgr614 , dhcp enabled.

    Ive have done much research, any input would be appriciated,

  • I had the problem with my WGR614v1 where it would drop the wireless connection to my laptop intermittently and reconnect. I switched the security setting from WPA to WEP 64-bit and the problem went away.

  • My laptop connects fine.

    When I try to connect the other laptop upstairs, I must bring it to the top of the stairs to connect. After that it holds the connection unless it's turned off.

    ??????? LE

  • Whenever I try to download something it pauses near 20% of the way through. But when I switch over to my neighbors Belkin router it does it almost instantly.

  • I have problems with my wireless router . the problem is that my computer and and wireless router has signal but my laptop does not get the signal?
    what should i do

  • I have problems with my wireless router . the problem is that my computer and and wireless router has signal but my laptop does not get the signal?
    what should i do

  • I can't get the disk downloaded. It goes so far and then it quits. Why can't I get it downloaded. WGT624.

  • a freind of mine has just got a rm laptop and whilst setting up this fouled up the sony viao and running both laptops together just didnt work is there a setting within the netgear router that can be changed

  • I have been having internet connection problems using a netgear dg834g in wireless mode. My ISP made changes to my line and when I tested the connection with network cable I get 1.2mb download speeds, in wireless mode I get 0.8mb....but this is only with no security settings, if I put in place WEP security I get no connection to the router.

  • My netgear router has worked before and i came home and now its on and the internet icon is flahing and only step 1 is on what do i do can someone give me some solutions e-mail me at

  • Hello! michael here; I am having problems with my router, Iresently installed a new hard on my lap top computor. I have no problem with ny hard-wire system I can go right on to the web no problem it just when i tried to use the wire-less connection I get a caution flag stating the connection is limited or for me to get intouch with you good people to help me with O.K.!

  • Hey Eric This is regarding your comcast issue

    It is not necessary to have the installation cd with you

    jus follow the following steps for getting valid connection

    >First connect computer directly to comcast modem and confirm that it goes online
    >Now connect modem to router and and comp to router(which went online with direct connection)
    >Check Light status---- p,W/l,i,and some number
    >open IE and in address bar type"
    >user name:admin password:password (make sure everything is in lower case)
    >Enter the basic setings in the smart wizard
    >select no on th top and then directly scroll down to the bottom of the page and select "Use this computer mac address(2nd option under router mac address) and select apply
    >wait till settings update and then you'll have valid internet connection

  • I have a Netgear WGT624 V4

    Have had about a year, but for last month had problems, and now does not connect at all, now says settings on my computer do not match settings on netgear? any ideas

  • I have a netgear router,my problem is that cannot access my VPN with this router what could cause the problem?

  • I have a WGR614V7 wireless router.

    I had problems where my wireless would disconnect intermittently, and I found that changing from WEP to WPA security solved this issue for me.

    Recently I have had a problem with my router losing connection to the internet frequently. Sometimes every 2 minutes.

    Has anyone had experience with this issue?

  • I have used netgear for about 6 months and it has been fine and I have had 4 bars all of the time. Recently, when i am on xbox live the service that I am recieving will periodically change to one or no bars every couple of minutes or so. This is extremely frustrating and makes the xbox live account that I have almost worthless. Does this mean that I have to update the Netgear thing? If so, how? Please help it is really annoying.

  • Can anyone help me with this problem I am having with my Netgear Router? A few weeks ago, it was working fine. But for the past few weeks, when I try to connect wireless,my computer gives me an error message stating the router is out of range, however, the router is sitting right next to the computer. If I use a cable, it connects instantly. I believe I need to change my settings on the Netgear site, but have no idea what to change--any feedback would be appreciated...

  • Hi , I have installed netgear wgt624 v3 . I am not able to connect to internet when i am take my dsl cale out of my laptop . It keep on saying that tryign to connect . I am able to see that connection strength is very good . Please help

  • MAC filtering is a lot easier to use than all this WEP / Wired Protocal Key rubbish and think about it MAC codes are absolutely unique no-one else has yours.
    A lot of people on here are blaming Netgear for problems that are blatent MS problems. I run an iMac, an iBook and 2 PC's on XP Pro Service Pack 3 into a wg834pn with a wireless print server, which also extends the wireless coverage massively, and I don't have a single problem...until a relative brings her horrible new laptop with Vista Home.
    I'm so pleased I don't have Vista home because it is both expensive and pants. I've just upgraded to Snow Leopard for £25 and I'm never going back to MS because I want to use my computer not spend days finding all the gremlins...

  • Bought a netgear dg834GT, works fine for about 50 minutes or an hour then hang up. Can't even access it thru browser. I have to remove and put the power back then works for an hour or so.
    Have it replaced with another unit, same problem. Hang up after an hour. Im sure it is a hardware problem, can someone help?

  • I have the wrg614 wireless router and when I went to change it to a secured connection( I don't have the disc or manual) I had to reset the router. When I did this I lost connection and now the WiFi light doesn't come on and the wireless network doesn't show up in my list of wireless connections. I need some help on how to get it back to being wireless, secure or not.

  • i have a netgear wrg614 wireless router and i play my playstation 3 online very often. Every time the phone rings my connection gets interrupted and it kicks me out of the server i was playing on. After that it will log me out of my account and i will have to log back in. I have called many different help lines, and none have seemed to help.


  • This has been a very frustrating experience for me, and it's not over yet since I still don't have a computer. It hasn't even been repaired yet.

  • ok i also have a huge problem!
    my new netbook is on wi-fi and at my grans when i connect to the wi-fi it just says limeted r n connection!
    wat has happened its the right password but i have no idea wat im doing!
    please help!

  • my router only connects local

  • i have a WNR3500 wireless router that will drop all internet after it connects and i have no idea how to fix it..i bought it 3 weeks ago and it hasnt worked yet and netgear cant help me.ive tried almost everything to fix it and havent fixed it yet so any help would be great

  • When I download sp3, I loss wireless connection.

  • Ive got a different model Netgear that had the same problem dropping connection, it turned out to be the power adapter supplied by netgear is way under voltage, in the manual it calls for 15VDC and the power adapter is 9VDC, luckily i had a spare 14VDC laying around and the problem was solved instantly!!

    Check you power adapter against what the manual calls for and you will see what i mean :)

  • I am not able to connect IBM Lotus Notes and Sametime (Instant Message) where as when I connect my laptop Netgear wired its connecting IBM Lotus Notes and Sametime, I dial VPN to go IBM network.

    Please help...

  • I purchased a Netgear Router 'Range max - DG 834 PN UK., just over 2 years ago. Have had occasional problems with regard to losing internet connection but more recently it repeatedly 'drops out", which is very frustrating and inconvenient. Have to switch off the connection and then on again, which makes new connection but is not satisfactory! Any advice would be very much appreciated. William (Staffs)

  • my wirelrss router works during the week , but on the weekends it does not. it is a netgear wpn824 v3. any help

  • my wirelrss router works during the week , but on the weekends it does not. it is a netgear wpn824 v3. any help

  • I could run both laptops through my netgear router then something happened. Now I can run one or the other and not both, what the hell has happened. Getting loads of earache from the wife. Help me please.


  • To fix the problem with the interference of the wireless telephone with the wireless internet from the router, log into the router and under basic wireless settings, change the channel that it is operating on. The default is on auto but change it to anything else and it should work, I changed mine to 11 and it was fine. :) Hope I helped. Good Luck.

  • i am having trouble with my WGR614 v9 wireless router. Without the router i have internet connection, but when i use the router i can not access the internet. i am using a local broadband service provider and a desktop.

  • Download Router Commander from and fix router hang problem forever.

  • HD/Gaming 5 GHz Wireless-N Networking Kit is intended for high-performance network gaming and simultaneous streaming of multiple HD videos. It provides more wireless channels, less interference and better connections using 5 GHz Wireless-N band.Works with Xbox, PlayStation, Wii, TiVo HD, Slingbox, digital set-top boxes, NETGEAR's Digital Entertainer HD, Apple TV, network attached storage (NAS), and more.

    I have the box sitting here, and am not sure what to do with the product.

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  • I cannot get my Netgear usb adapter model wnda3100 to connect to internet

  • i cannot configure my netgear dg834g. when i entered the ip address( in the address bar to configure, it always says that it is not a valid address. help. huhuhu :((

  • thanks !!

    my wirless off !!!

  • I have a netgear WNR 1000
    Every day I have to turn off and on the wireless router so I can connect with my Itouch to pick up internet - the signal strength shows strong - but will not connect - this happens with Laptops also

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