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  • App Lockdown Supplement

    The original draft of my latest security article for MSDN Magazine, App Lockdown, included sections covering web security. They were ultimately removed as they overlapped slightly with other articles already featured by MSDN Magazine. They are however part of the story I wanted to tell and so I include those sections here.

  • Application Lockdown

    MSDN Magazine has made a preview of my new security article available online. App Lockdown features in the special security issue of MSDN Magazine coming next month.

  • Introduction to MSIL – Part 6 – Common Language Constructs

    In parts 1 through 5 of the Introduction to MSIL series we focused on MSIL and the constructs it provides for writing managed code. In the next few sections we are going to examine some common language features that are not intrinsic to instruction-based languages like MSIL. Understanding the intermediate language instructions that are generated for common, programming language statements is critical to acquiring an instinct for the performance characteristics of your code as well as to more easily track down subtle bugs.

  • Introduction to MSIL – Part 1 – Hello World

    When describing C++/CLI and how it relates to C#, I am often tempted to discuss the Microsoft intermediate language (MSIL) that the Visual C++ and Visual C# compilers generate. The trouble is that most programmers are not familiar with MSIL and programs like ILDASM aren’t that helpful to the newbie because the MSIL they display, although painfully correct, is not very readable. For this reason I decided to post a few entries introducing MSIL at a basic level. Since I doubt anybody reading this will actually go and start writing code in MSIL, I will skim over some of the uninteresting details and focus on things like defining types, writing methods, calling instructions and handling exceptions.

  • has moved!

    As I mentioned a few weeks back, I moved our website and family blogs to EAServe web hosting. Well I just wanted to report that I have had a great experience. Their support team has been very responsive and they provide a great service including ASP.NET and access to a SQL Server database for just $9.95 (about $13.30 Canadian depending on the weather). They even provide SMTP-based e-mail accounts, though I have been unable to use this since my service provider blocks outgoing TCP traffic on port 25. How annoying.

  • Beautiful British Columbia

    Greetings from beautiful British Columbia. Karin and I have just had some dinner in a lovely restaurant overlooking the bay at White Rock. Looking south I can see the equally beautiful Washington State. Now we need to run to catch our flight back to Toronto. We’ve been out here just two days looking at houses. Wish us luck.