Goodbye Windows with C++ and Layered Windows with Direct2D

I’ve been offline for days at a time while traveling through South Africa and just noticed that my latest Windows with C++ column, Layered Windows with Direct2D, is now live on the MSDN Magazine website.

This issue is bittersweet for me as it is both one of my favorite articles to date and also my last for the magazine. Although MSDN Magazine will continue for some time, Microsoft is getting out of the magazine business, and it just no longer makes sense for me to write for the magazine on a regular basis. Of course being the last remaining C++ columnist I’m not sure anyone will notice.  :)

This is my third article on Direct2D. From the article:

In my third installment on Direct2D, I’m going to show off some of its unmatched power when it comes to interoperability. Instead of exhaustively detailing all the various interoperability options that Direct2D provides, I’m going to walk you through a practical application: layered windows. Layered windows are one of those Windows features that have been around for a long time but haven’t evolved much and thus require special care to use effectively with modern graphics technologies.

I hope you enjoy it.

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