Looking Forward to Window Clippings 2.0: Image Effects

Update: Window Clippings 2.0 is now available! Download it now from http://www.windowclippings.com/.


Continuing my look at some of the highlights in the upcoming Window Clippings 2.0 release, today I want to introduce some new image effects that I’ve introduced. Window Clippings 1.5 supported just two effects namely “Clear window background” and “Include window shadow”. Version 2.0 introduces four brand new effects that you can take advantage of to create more impactful screenshots. Here’s what the new Image tab looks like:

Include mouse pointer

A number of users emailed and left comments indicating that this would be a very valuable feature for them. Window Clippings 2.0 can capture both traditional icon-style cursors as well as the new Vista alpha channel based cursors:

Allow object selection

I’ve already shared some of the selection features. This option enables you to select individual controls in a window. By default, clicking anywhere within a window will select the window frame. With this option you can select one or more controls. In this example I selected the group box:

Freeze window during capture

Window Clippings 1.5 introduced the ability to capture the transparency provided by desktop composition on Windows Vista. One of the limitations in version 1.5 was that any animation in the window removed the ability to capture this alpha channel. Well no longer. This option very briefly freezes drawing to the window to allow Window Clippings to perfectly capture the alpha channel for animated windows. Here’s an example of a marquee progress bar which is highly animated. Keep in mind that this only works for traditional GDI applications (still the majority of applications) and should not be used with applications that rely directly or indirectly on DirectX. Examples include WPF apps and Windows Media Center. I was hesitant to add a feature that would only work with a subset of applications but user feedback convinced me that it would still be useful to many people.

Delay before capture

Finally, this option allows you to interact with the selected windows prior to capturing the image. This allows you to produce various effects such as button hover highlighting, display popup balloons, open menus, etc. I’ve already highlighted some of the effects that are possible but here’s another quick look:

Stay tuned for more highlights from the upcoming Window Clippings 2.0!

© 2007 Kenny Kerr


  • Looks great! I wish I had all this stuff already. :)

  • Im looking forward for v2.0, its amazing there seems to be a battle over the web for the slickest screen capture tool between cropper and window clippings.
    As for the moment it looks quite tied with a bit of a bit cropper in front because of the plugins (but they dont work in vista) so for vista the window clippings 1.5 is already far in front because of the better windows integration.
    But with all the features you did anounce for v2.0 your tool would for sure win the battle over all.

    cant wait for it
    and keep on the good work


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