Zune Fail

The Zune hardware products are fantastic. The new Zune HD is particularly impressive. The Zune software is a joy to use when compared to that other product that controls 99% of the market. But until Microsoft figures out how to make the Zune Marketplace and the Zune Pass subscription service available in the rest of the world (outside of the USA) this isn’t going to go anywhere.

With the Zune 3.0 I could at least browse the marketplace even if I couldn’t purchase anything. I could for example use it to search for podcasts. That doesn’t even seem to work anymore with Zune 4.0.

Make it happen. Pretty please.


  • Got to agree on the hardware front, that is one slick piece of kit.

    Apparently though they shipped this hardware with no applications, no store enabled etc. All "coming soon." Very brave of Microsoft.

  • Paul: yeah it’s an interesting "strategy".
    Rafael has a partial fix.

  • Yea I agree! The specification and build quality of Zune is pretty nice but Microsoft's marketting strategy is pretty in efficient. The hype apple creating is too good to resist. Even the silly simple features they're boasting aloud and getting the customers.

    Also people finds Zune as an alternative only. The new hardware like nVidia GPU and all had been read from nVidia blogs actually not really microsoft giving boost to their own products. Once in the D5 conference both steve jobs and Bill Gates said, serious software developers thinks serious about hardware ... but while apple also concentrating the markets world wide!

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