Why developers shouldn't test their own software...

My new wife (6 weeks today!) got her new business cards through her company's web-based application, and they say she now works for the "IT Department". Which was a bit of a surprise, considering that she's a clinical research technician for a large pharamceutical company.

It turns out that if you change one of the fields while filling out the web form (we're not sure which one since it was a couple of weeks ago, but "last name" would be a good guess), it resets your organization as well. To the "IT Department". Which probably seemed like a good idea to whoever developed the application. And, gee, it probably worked as they expected when they "tested" it. <grin>

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  • Cute :)

    Developers should test their own software, but you shouldn't rely on developers to test (quality assure) your software.

    Your software is comprised of the work of several developers and a bunch of other things that sure are not considered when &quot;it works on my machine&quot;.

    Can you change the title too? She should print some more, but this time put &quot;President&quot; or at least specify a more fun department?

    This application may have bigger issues than bad UI.

    Sponge Bob


    Human Resources Dept.

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