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  • INETA Speakers Bureau - New Additions

    What with all the pressures leading up to TechEd next week, the INETA Speaker Committee still found time to evaluate all of the candidates proposed for addition to the Speakers Bureau. After careful consideration by, actually, quite a few people, we are pleased to announce that we are now adding a "baker's dozen" new speakers:

  • ".NET Designers"

    I'm working on a series of small pieces for an area of MSDN online called ".NET Designers". The first one is about looking at the Microsoft sample applications through the lens of the Patterns and Practices security model. We have a few ideas about where to go from there, but I'm particularly interested in what design issues .NET developers are currently struggling with.

  • "The Dullest Blog in the World"

    My girlfriend - who reads my blog regularly, even though she's not at all technical - just sent me a link to a story in today's Seattle PI about the "Dullest Blog in the World". I'm not sure if she's trying to tell me something - like maybe mine is duller? - but, what it all comes down to is context and perspective.

  • This is progress?

    Everybody's raving about it: Don, MSDN Mag, even Steve Gilmore said that "What Bosworth soon will know, and Ozzie already does, is that RSS is nothing less than a new platform for development and deployment." The war of the aggregators is heating up! Threaded navigation! Content push! Right to your desktop! .NET Source code available! The dawn of a new era! Yeah, right...

  • Connectix

    ScottGu was on my plane down to the Connections show in NOLA last week. Of course, being who he is, he was banging away on a laptop up until the last second to board the plane. When he went to put his laptop away, I noticed another one in his bag and said "Two machines"? He said, no, he's actually carrying three laptops. Ugh. Sounds like a job for Connectix Virtual PC for Windows, a competitor to VMWare that Microsoft liked so much, they bought the company.

  • "Ask The Experts"

    I'm managing the "Ask The Experts" booth at Connections this week in NOLA, after an all-day INETA board meeting on Monday. This area at the show floor entrance is put together by Microsoft's Eric Ewing (the guy behind the CodeWise Community) and when we did it at VSLive in February, there were usually a half-dozen speakers hanging out there at any given time. Tons of fun!

  • Lurker in Las Vegas

    Bill Beeem commented on my second blast post and tossed in Las Vegas. Wow, that's another memory jolt. What he's referring to was Comdex, cira 1994 or so, when I put together a room block for 20+ VB developers at the Golden Nugget. Why the Nugget and not a hotel on the Strip? Well, it turns out that Kenny Wynn (brother of Steve Wynn, who was clearly the model for the hotel owner in "Ocean's Eleven") was (still is?) a VB programmer! So we got a great deal and Kenny even showed up and picked up our breakfast one morning. Anyway, I rented a large passenger van to ferry people to the show.

  • A Ritz-y launch event

    Scott mentioned doing launch events in the PNW. I was fortunate enough last week to have the opportunity to do the Architecture track for the Puerto Rico launch event. Which was held at the Ritz-Carlton. On the beach. Very arduous duty. <g>

  • A couple more blasts...

    Don mentioned that Sara Williams now has a blog. Another blast from the distant - and more recent - past. I interviewed Sara (and Greg Leake) for an article on OLE 2.0 that I wrote for Byte magazine that was published in 1996. I found that article (OLE's Missing Links) in the Byte Archives. Their archives only go back to 1994, but I also found an article in January of 1994 about subclassing in OLE 2.0 by Gen Kiyooka.