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  • New .NET Architecture Center on MSDN

    The new “.NET Architecture Center” just went live about 5 minutes ago on MSDN. I've been working with the team putting it together (including Steve Kirk at MSDN and Harry Pierson of the .NET Enterprise Architecture Team (aka “.NEAT“, which is one of the better plays on the .NET moniker). It's nice to finally see the results of the overhaul, which makes the architecture site consistent with the other major developer centers (developers are already familiar eith the VB and C# dev centers managed by Duncan Mackenzie, who works with Steve).

  • "Critical Update" to remove a symbol?

    Wow, do we live in strange times, or what? I just received notification of a “Critical Update” to remove a symbol from the Bookshelf Symbol 7 font. Turns out it's to remove a swastika, one of the oldest known symbols. The “Typographica” journal has an interesting thread on this issue. It also made the Business 2.0 “Dumb and dumber moments in tech” list for 2003, so I'm assuming this issue isn't news to many people. But as someone who has managed to avoid all the PC stupidity, I thought I was immune to this stuff. <sigh>