New Rule and Old Rule

New Rule (for blogging on this site):

Posts which allude to some great technical silver bullet or really cool demo and say nothing more than 'it was cool' are not allowed. Unless you say something specific you are just making noise and frustrating those of us who aren't in the knowledge loop. Saying you cannot talk due to an NDA is even more ridiculous because a basic tenet of secrecy would lead the keeper of such secret to avoid divulging they even know the secret.

(read: this sucks, I want to know what you guys know...)

Old Rule (for life and development):

Bullets will almost always kill you, or hurt really bad...even if they appear silver.


  • Spang could help you out with your problems ;-)

  • Quite, when we can share something we'll be the first with samples and working services which you guys can take advantage of! We'll share as soon as we're allowed to.

  • That article is pretty spot on, I'd have to agree with everything you've said in there.

    Atlas should be built, and quickly, it's late already, but will it be able to compete with ClickOnce stylee apps? I'm not so sure.

    If I can get a *real* rich app then why would I use an Atlas app?

    I'm an ASP.NET Dev and to me that's quite worrying.

    It's not like having .NET is a requirement either, ClickOnce deals with that. I suppose the only boundary is non Windows Machines, but let's face it - 90% of the world we can work with, the other 10% have enough issues without us adding to them!

    Atlas is too little too late I think. It's a great product, sitting here in a session about it now, looks cool, will revolutionalise the way we write client side code, but is it enough, especially as it's an Orcas timeframe thing.

  • Also, I'm sorry if you took the posts the wrong way but it has no affiliation with MVPs or Microsoft. Its a startup project by a bunch of devs that attended a dev lab.

  • Keith,

    Thanks for the link. I wish I'd made my C9 post BEFORE the "spang" joke (which I thought was funny, but on the back of so many lame MVP blogs from the summit I missed it) which at least shows some MVPs have a sense of humour, even if others don't. And you're right to defend MVPs - there are some excellent ones out there and I shouldn't let a few "rotten" ones spoil my perception of the whole barrel.

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