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Apparently the current Vista UI in 5270 is going to be the final look. I had really high hopes for MSFT and truly believed (and even tried to convince my OSX loving friends) that Vista would be revolutionary.

I can recall a certain Scoble post which has kept me thinking that this cant be it, this cheesy upgrade of the XP look is certainly not the real deal. Revolutionary has got to be something Stardock cant mimic.

Not quite sure what I was looking for, but with what is arguably one of the most prevalent and profitable products in the world I was hoping for something more than new colors and a transparency effect. I know there is much more than that, I know...but will my mother?



  • But... what happened to the stuff that MS showed us at the PDC 2003 keynote ? so far I haven't seen an UI that beats that :P

  • The same feeling. This interface is SO OLD!!

    Let's give MSFT some ideas:

    The task bar and the start menu stink.

    I would use a single toolbar that will be used for switching between application. Like Radio buttons. If the application is not up - Windows will launch it. If it's already up - then Windows will switch to it. If you already have multiple instances of it - you select one from a drop down.

    Dock the toolbar anywhere you want to.

    You don't give a _ _ _ _ if the application is started or not. You just click the toolbar button to use it. Period.

    Buttons can be added/removed/configured.

    Guys, what do you think?

  • correcting typo: "switching between applicationS"

  • Well, what we can hope for is the ability to do our own "skins" and replace most of the horrible icons, colors and stuff...

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