ASP.NET AJAX JavaScript Class Browser

Updated on 2//22/2007:
New version available here: ASP.NET AJAX JavaScript Class Browser (take 3) 

As part of an exercise in app building, as well as an exercise in doing useful stuff, I wrote a class browser to inspect the ASP.NET AJAX client libraries. It's a simple ASP.NET-based app, though most of the code is client-side. I wrote a simple reflection layer (inspired in part by the .NET Reflection classes) and then a UI layer that uses it. It's about 1,000 lines of JavaScript and no managed code at all.

To run it, download the attachment and place it in a virtual directory on your web server. You'll need to have ASP.NET AJAX Beta 2 installed on the machine.

Feedback and bug reports are always welcome. Or, of course, just enjoy the app itself!


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