ASP.NET AJAX JavaScript Class Browser (take 2)

Updated on 2//22/2007:
New version available here: ASP.NET AJAX JavaScript Class Browser (take 3) 

I've read all the great feedback on the first release of the class browser and I've made some updates and fixes. First, I've added FireFox support. It should probably work in Safari and Opera now as well but I don't have those on my laptop to test. It snowed last night in the Seattle area so much of the area is closed down and we were told to work from home today. That, and my car is at the shop getting serviced, so I'm not going to work to test it out :) Second, I added support for viewing the Microsot AJAX Futures (formerly known as "Preview" or "CTP") types. To install the new class browser just overwrite the old files with the new attached ZIP.

To view the Futures types, follow these steps:

  1. Add the Futures DLL to your app's Bin directory.
  2. Open up the Master page and uncomment the ScriptReference items to the Futures scripts.

Technically this support was always in there; you can add ScriptReferences to any script libraries you have and they will automatically show up in the class browser.

Some of you may be curious about the "All Types" view. This view shows a flat list of all the types available to the class browser without the TreeView. Our test team and documentation team sometimes use this to "diff" builds of Microsoft AJAX to see what got added or removed. It's a great way for them to see if they need to add new test automation or additional documentation topics.

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  • I am using sharepoint2010 and Ajax 3.0. I have added doc type in the matesr page to display model far its good. The problem is with the validations only. I have used required field validation in the model popup but problem is model popup controls are not firing for server side event.If I remove the validation then server side event is firing. Please let know turn around for this issue. Thanks for looking this issue.

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