ASP.NET AJAX JavaScript Class Browser (take 3)

By popular demand, I am releasing another update to the ASP.NET AJAX Class Browser. The new features:

  1. Support for ASP.NET AJAX 1.0
  2. Added icons to TreeView to indicate interface/class/enum/flags

I tested it on these browsers:

  • IE 6.0
  • Firefox
  • Safari 2.0.4 (on Mac OS X)
  • Opera 9.10

Safari and Opera don't really like the CSS-based scrolling, but otherwise work just fine.

Please see my previous post, ASP.NET AJAX JavaScript Class Browser (take 2), on some other features, such as how to include the Preview scripts in the list.

Download here (17KB).


  • Works great in IE 7, too. Thank you Eilon! The images are an especially nice addition.

  • Does not work for me (see url)

  • Hi Carlo,
    Did you set the virtual directory to be an actual application, or is it just a folder on your drive? In the IIS configuration manager select the "JavaScriptClassBrowser" folder in the TreeView, right click on it and choose "Properties". Then make sure that under "Application Settings" there is an Application Name set (and the textbox is editable). If it's not, click the "Create" button so that IIS recognizes that folder as its own application and not just a folder.


  • The download is not available please recheck the url for download

  • This is great, but where do I find Sys.Browser? I'm hoping I'm not being too dumb!

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