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It's so hard to come up with blog topics that I've decided to outsource the whole idea creation operation. What topics do you want to hear about? As with most people, I prefer talking about my own area of expertise and not just random ramblings. Here are the general topics I'm familiar with:

  • ASP.NET AJAX and the UpdatePanel control
  • Data source controls and parameters
  • Control designer framework
  • Web resources
  • Web control localization
  • Expression builders
  • A few core runtime components such as ControlBuilder

Please be as specific as you can instead of just "tell me more about SqlDataSource." Things I'm more inclined to answer are questions such as "why did you choose to do X instead of Y" and "I've never been able to figure out how to write a Z."


  • How about, why can't you use code expressions inline with server controls? You can obviously with the DataBinding expression , but you can't simply say . Using a custom expression builder it's only a few lines of code to enable this:

    So I'm curious whether something like this was considered for the framework at one point, and if so, why it wasn't included. One disadvantage that expression builder has is that it doesn't work with NoCompile pages, but its so extremely useful for compiled pages.

  • Eilon,

    I recently downloaded Drip 5.0 to test for memory leaks, and it appears that elements inside an update panel always constantly getting javascript references created to them which are not disposed. The leak is slow and small, but it is constant. Is there a way to fix this? Or is Drip giving a false diagnosis?


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