About Lance's Whiteboard

Hi, I'm Lance Hunt (aka CodeSniper)

I'm a software developer with over 20 years of experience primarily with Microsoft products.  My career has spanned jobs with traditional brick-and-mortar companies, consulting firms, dotcom's, as well as software vendors. 

Over the years, I have architected profitable products, led several successful teams, survived a few too many Death Marches, and paid my dues in both corporations and startups.

In the past I have worked for several notable companies including TradeStationPaymentech, Mary Kay, and Telligent. I have built large and small solutions for everything from advertising agencies, technology companies, media conglomerates, financial institutions, and retail establishments including major players like Dell and Belo Corp.

See my LinkedIn profile for more details.

Origin of this blog...

For years, the whiteboard in my cubical was the meeting-place for tons of fruitful discussion with my peers.  But, one day out of the blue, I was given an office and the greatness of my cubical-sized whiteboard went away....thus this blog was born as an attempt to recapture that meeting-place...