Reporting Services administration changes in Katmai (v.Next)

some information on changes they are consindering to how you will administer Sql Server Reporting Services in the next version, codenamed Katmai.

Right now, administering Report Models exposed to Report Builder requires you to launch Sql Server Management Studio tool, while other features require you to launch the Report Manager website.   Also, there are some features that you rarely use, yet are exposed from the Report Manager portal, such as Job Management and System Wide Role & Security configuration.  

It appears that the end result of the proposed tool changes will be to correct these inconsistencies by consolidating server and system-wide configuration and administration tasks into Sql Server Management Studio, and moving some of the more user-facing admin features to the Report Manager.

Not a bad idea overall, now I just hope they fix support for FormsAuth throughout the entire solution (ReportBuilder, nudge nudge).

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