C# 101 - Representing a double quote in string literals

I'm sure almost every C# developer already knew this, but I thought a post might help the few that didn't. I had always wondered how it was done and stumbled across it yesterday buried in an example in the C# Language Specification.

If you want to represent a double quote in a string literal, the escape sequence is two double quotes.

string myString = @"<xml attribute=""my attribute""/>";

I have found this useful for storing nicely formatted XML fragments in constants without resorting to 1) putting it all on one long line without string literals or 2) loading from a file or resource or 3) concatenating at run time, or 4) switching to single quotes.

  private const string requestXml =
@"<?xml version=""1.0"" encoding=""utf-8""?>
  <ForceBuild xmlns=""

Now I know.


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